Saturday, March 27, 2010

DEADTIME STORIES / Scary Stuff - 1986

Hello everbloody, welcome to Saturday Matinee at the Dungeon. Rodan here, filling in for Tabonga, as he needs the day off to go soak his head.. err, roots. This movie is soooo lo-budge, late eighties! Gross, inconsistant, 'those colors' and gratitious nudity, including a fun shower scene. Produced by Scary Stuff and shot in Greenwich, Connecticut, it has an east coast feel, for sure. The actors look like they're from Connecticut! The poster screams 1986 too, looks like some early example of computerized graphics.

Uncle Mike is substituting for Peter's parents tonight, he doesn't have any kids of his own. It's bedtime, and, his nephew's having trouble falling asleep...


Original music's by Larry Juris, he worked on a total of 8 movies including THE EROTIC WORLD OF ANGEL CASH, COMMANDER USA's GROOVIE MOVIES, REJUVENATRIX, UNDERGROUND and VOODOO DAWN.

I love this soundclip, it has some cool rockin' New Wave sounds, one good thing from the late eighties!! Then, it's like all hell breaks loose and won't stop!! Way to go, Eegah!! So, on with the show, here's some... DEADTIME STORIES!

The first story's called "Peter And The Witches."

Get this, the girls burn this guy's wrist with a torch and the hand gets big, breaks off and crawls away! Now, c'mon... That's weird!!

I don't think this is going to help Peter fall asleep, what do you think?

Then, you take this yetch here, in the bowl, and let it crawl into a skeleton!!

Gettin' sleepy yet, Peter?!

Eventually, it turns into this sadistic bastard and kills a bunch of people! After it melts in a cave, it comes back to life and chokes the boy and girl who thought they got away!

Okay, Peter still can't go to sleep, so, Uncle Mike starts story two. Check out the classy way you tell kids a bedtime story in 1986!.... "Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rachel. Actually, she wasn't all that little, she was a hot-looking high school senior with deep blue eyes, and fine, firm breasts, and..." The film actually does have three very nice looking women in it!

Rachel likes to fantasize in the mirror!

This segment is called "Runninghood," obviously a twisted take off on Little Red Riding Hood!

Uncle Mike just can't figure out why Peter won't saw some logs!

Story three is a comedy called "Goldi Lox and the Three Baers." It starts at the Home For The Hopelessly Insane, what else?!

Three inmates, Papa, Mama and Baby Baer, make their escape in a white '62 Chevy Biscayne sedan after running down a security cop!! Now, they need a place to hole up!

Back at the ranch, Goldi makes a nasty habit of putting men in their place!!

As she watches the evening news about the escaped mental patients, the guys get into a fist fight!

My favorite part, Goldi welcomes them in and they don't know what to make of her hospitality, they all saw her naked as a jay bird! The second still is a hoot!!

Goodnight sweet prince, sleep tight, and don't let the bed-bugs... BITE!!!

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Oh Lord, I love this crazy little film!

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