Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today at Dungeon Saturday Afternoon Flick-Time, we got Toho rarity from 1960 which even star Yoshio Tsuchiya, the Vapor Man from THE HUMAN VAPOR from that same year!! Plus, featuring the whole familiar gang of Toho actors, Jun Fukuda is director.

Music Man Mr. Sei Ikeno only work on two Toho production, but a few title he compose for are THE BLUE BEAST, BIG SHOTS DIE AT DAWN, RED TATOO, THE BLACK TEST CAR, NIIGATA BAMBOO DOLL, NINJA 5, SCHOOL FOR SEX, YOKAI MONSTERS: SPOOK WARFARE, THE BRIDE FROM HELL and more!

Again, Eegah!! give us one swell fractured soundclip, so, Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie gettin' ready to push big old red 'GO' button because... it his turn! Something a little different though, he gonna push big button in Japanese this time! Hell, yeah!!.. DENSO NINGEN!

Japanese love Boris Karloff!

Hey everbloody, come visit creepy Cave Of Horrors with all it' mysterical sights inside!

See the many monsters, ghosts... Things you've never seen before!

Guaranteed to chill and to thrill you!!

Whoa, what you know?! There really is Military Land Cabaret!

Meanwhile, inside...

Hope she know not to fall asleep wearing gold paint!

Hey, she look like million dollars!!

Guy is drinking... Hand Grenade?! Crazy Japanese!!

Okay, here is bad guys, dude in middle owns the club and he set up Tele-Man to take fall for him and pals. Now, they listening to tape where he vow revenge!

Everbloody think this dude is guard at Military Land Cabaret, but!..

Coppers show up at last second to save bad guy' candy asses! Can dish it out, but can't take it!

Then, coppers go looking for the Tele-Man, but have no luck...

Here is cool machine that make dude into Tele-Man. Top pic show exactly what make it tick!

Coppers finally track down and question scientist who make the diabolical machine.

Dude hide valuables behind sexy gurl photo, where else?!

Tabonga like this pic, remind him of when he was little twig!

Wait!.. Huh??! ..OUUCH!!!!

There are some side effects... Madness is one of them!

I know, I know!!.. Benny Hill chase music!

Tele-Man easy to recognize in dark places!

Even though he have no legs, and Tele-Man just beat the crap outta him, the scientist still manage to pull himself up and destroy volcanic power source for his tele-machine!

Perfect end, Tele-Man is caught in machine as it go all haywire.

Not pretty, but hey, case closed!..


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i've never seen the b&w version, looks like it might look cool that way...

Ozob the Blue Nosed Clown said...

It's The Electrical Facsimile Transmission Human!! Right On!!

Shonen King said...

I wish the Thriller Show funhouse would come to my neighborhood. Cool post!!!


Christopher said...

I'll have 2 Missiles too

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??