Saturday, December 19, 2009


Rodan here, filling in for Tabonga today, on this Saturday Matinee Special Dealie-Bob-Thingie that he has set up. He's out doing last minute Xmas shopping for Piff and Ralphie, his adorable little monster pets!

Wow, what a classic we have here, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN (Of The Himalayas) from Hammer studios in good old 1957! Stars Peter (THE CREEPING FLESH) Cushing and Forrest (THE CRAWLING EYE) Tucker, and, that makes it great!! Peter was voted most popular male actor on TV for a number of years leading up to his filmwork with Hammer and Amicus, and, started his career in 1940. Tucker also started his career in 1940!

"See It With Someone Brave! -- A Timeless Terror to Freeze You to Your Seats!" sez the tagline!

The music is by Mr. Humphrey Searle, he only has 17 composing credits, but, includes THE HAUNTING and DOCTOR WHO, THE MONSTERS and ORESTIA TV series.

So, on with the show! Here's today's soundclip... THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN!

Forrest plays the character Tom Friend, the typical loudmouth obnoxious gold-digging American.

Of course, Peter's a doctor!

Arnold Marlé plays the very wise and mystical Lhama. He warns the men about the dangers of climbing the treacherous mountains in the Tibetian wilderness...

Maureen Connell plays Peter's wife, she has a bad feeling about the whole expedition and doesn't want hubby to go. But, Peter is firm with his decision.

Years ago, Tom was given this finger bone of an unknown creature, evidence of something strange possibly living in that region of Tibet.

They head on up the mountain, to a predetermined location where the creature has been sighted. These snowy locations definitely look a bit better than the ones in Jerry Warren's SNOWBEAST!

They fianally reach the campsite, and, what else, time for some grub!

Even on the first night at the camp, there are weird things going on!

Back at the ranch, the Lhama is in a trance and not available for answering any questions, silly, or, otherwise.

Treacherous terrain everywhere!

They use a live monkey as bait, you can see the result!

Okay, I think we can make the call!.. There is an Abominable Freaking Snowman up here, C'MON!!

I think the creepiest part of the movie is when the Yeti's big claw reaches under the tent and grabs the miniature rifle! Always loved that part!!

More loud screams are heard!

And, what do they find?! The same old thing, dead guys!

Okay, then, that's one more!

The creature has a mystical, hypnotizing effect on Tom, he tries to use his gun, but, can't... Goodbye, Tom!

Can we turn on a light?.. I can't see a thing in here!

Now, remember, Peter, there is no Yeti!

Got that?!..

The Yeti allow Peter to go back to the village and his wife, because, they sense that he is a genuinely good person!


KDAN MUSIC said...

I just wanted everyone to know that the guy who played the Yeti was a friend of my family, Lockhart "Locks" Martin. He also played the robot in the original "Day The Earth Stood Still!"

Great site!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Great comment Dante, the 7'7" Lock Martin was the iconic Gort, and it's a moot point, but just to keep the record straight, the IMDB sez, that Lock was The Yeti in the 1954 feature "The Snow Creature" and that Fred Johnson was The Yeti in this film!

KDAN MUSIC said...

You're right. I got the movies mixed up. By the way, he worked as a show cowboy for Arden Farms in California and appeared at store openings. I played in his boot!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Now that's a kick!!

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