Monday, December 21, 2009

THE MOVING FINGER - Teddy Vann - "Pull My Finger" (1963)

Been in kind of a beatnik mood here lately, and it seems like a groove, so let's just can the lip, and get on with the flicK! blast the Edison and follow the Lama, but don't be no Murgatroid, and this monkey run will set your soul on firE!!

It's New York City, circa 1963, and it's called "The Moving Finger" for some damn reason, (a title that has been used multiple times over the years for no apparent reason) and features Barry "Vanishing Point" Newman in a very early role!!

I'm pretty sure this is Alan Ansara as the guy who thinks he's going to get away with a bank robbery!! What a chump!!

Sorry, Alan, but you should have planned this heist a little bit better!!

Monroe "Agent 43" Arnold and his partner take care of Alan's buddies!!

The marvelous gravel voiced Lionel Stander was blacklisted in the 1950's when he was outed for being a communist!

Here he plays the role of a club owner in The Village who lets these kids crash in the digs in the back of his club........!

The catch is they have to come out and act like over the top hipsters to entertain these turistas!

Because of his voice and grim appearance, Lionel was used mostly in the role of mobster or gangster, but the role of a hipster was much more akin to his real personality!!

The crowd listens intently, and hangs on to every single word of the bullshit Lionel so deftly spews!

Okay, so here we go, remember Alan, the bank robber with the dead friends, well, he was shot too, and had collapsed in the kids crash pad, and so they got an underground doctor to check him out and kind of get him going again as best as he could!

Everything's starting to be pretty cool, and it seems likes Alan's getting better, I mean, at least he's well enough to smoke some pot with his new friends, and is starting to get a new perspective on life!!

And of course, all the while Detective Monroe "The Tammy Grimes Show" Arnold is trying to get into sunshine's pants!

Here's some classic reactions at an Art show, that the boys used to scam some change and score some hors d'oeuvres!!!

In an effort to show how bright the cops are, Detective Monroe hits the streets to seek any witnesses to the robbery, and decides to ask blind street musician Moondog if he has any insight!!

After that wild interpretation of Sun Ra's "Space Is The Place" a few month's back, I got to thinkin' about what other strange musical characters were out there, and had left some kind of artistic footprint on celluloid, and so I searched, and lo, and behold, suddenly, there it was "like a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist!" MOON DOG !!!

And that's how it came that I'm writing about this flick tonite! Kind of a drag for us, they only used The Dog for a sight gag, and he doesn't perform any music at all! What a waste!!!

Meanwhile, back at the pad, Lionel keeps on rappin' and yappin'!!

And the joint keeps on swingin'!!

And the gang just keeps on getting high!!!

There's a man dying here, does anybody care???


Prof. Grewbeard said...

man, what next for you guys, The World's Greatest Sinner?!?...

TABONGA! said...

Detective Monroe might have ray of hope with Sunshine, but, he probably gonna get big shiner!!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx for the great suggestion!!!

Brandonio! said...

I know this Zillagord guy!He used to hand out at my site too,but i guess he got bored.

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