Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FRANKENSTEIN / Edison Studios - 1910

Welcome again, everbloody, to Wednesday Night B+W Bijou Theater, only two day away from jolly old XMAS! Tonight we gots a rare silent classic from 1910, almost never to be seen because of recluse film collector Alois Dettlaff, who had the only known copy on Earth!

Actor Charles Ogle play Frankenstein monster, and, did own makeup like the great Lon Chaney! This 16 minute short is considered very first horror flick, ever.

Music was produced after print became available, but, with no credit for it...

Eegah!! give us very nice soundclip and Tabonga tint photos for special holiday posting... SCARY XMAS & HARPIE NEW YEAR!

Tonight we have lil' Piff flying by, ready to start giant snowball rolling into you eye and ear, whatever that mean!! But, anyways, hit that button, Piff!.. FRANKENSTEIN 1910!! Also, thanks to Dungeon bud Charles Del Rio for the DVD copy he provided...

Aloha 'oe, aloha 'oe...

Director J. Searle Dawley have 162 directing credits from 1907-26, which mean he never directed a movie with sound! A few title he directed are THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, HANSEL & GRETEL, A CHRISTMAN CAROL, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, THE BIG DAM, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, THE CORSICAN BROTHERS, A GOOD LITTLE DEVIL, THE LOST PARADISE, SNOW WHITE, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?! and more!

Flick was filmed with immobile camera, which give it feel of a play.

Monster sees reflection of self in mirror and is repulsed by grotesque image!

An' finally, here are two pic of mechanical metal monster standin, who get all incinerated in furnace at end!

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pier said...

Ayyyyeee! What a gift for X-mas!
Thank you and have a freaky holiday season!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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