Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tagline ~ "Father and son--related by BLOOD! ANYONE'S BLOOD!"

Tabonga here!.. Today we gots a wild an' weird tale of dad versus son, vampire style! Flick star William Smith, who have 272 acting credit and is still kicking. Did you know that William had first acting role as village boy in THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN in 1942?!.. After that, he was on almost every TV series and played Joe Riley in 56 episodes of LAREDO 1965-7! "...What's in the bag, Goose?!"

Nice soundclip again today, '8' on Creepy Meter, and include some choice dialogue! Music is by Jaime Mendoza-Nava who end up with 78 composing credit including THE GRASS EATER, ORGY OF THE DEAD, THE FEMALE BUNCH, EQUINOX, BLOOD LEGACY, DROP OUT WIFE, HOUSE OF TERROR, PSYCHO FROM TEXAS, MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND EARTH, CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE, RIP-OFF, JAILBAIT BABYSITTER, VAMPIRE HOOKERS, MAUSOLEUM and TERROR IN THE SWAMP to name a few!

Ralphie the Tarantula standing by for turn at the big old red 'GO' button to start today flickclip rolling... rolling into you brain like some kind of eaters!.. Push the button, now!.. DRAC AN' SONNY BOY!

Flick start innocent enuf, you know, boy and gurl having lotsa fun, being all horny in creepy graveyard at night, etc.

Ahem, I do believe that the name of the film is... GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, not HORNY KIDS IN A GRAVEYARD!

Look like undead Caleb Croft at least have good company while he sleeping in old dingy casket for last 3 year!

All dude are peeping-tom, but, especially vampire!

Caleb pull boyfriend out of car and put some kind o' hurt on him before he suck out his blood for first meal in 3 year!!

Now, time for dessert!!

After incident, gurlie find out the horrible truth...

She gonna have a baby!

Enter William after 35 minute into story, he was baby vampire from flashback in previous photo, who's mom feed him tasty breast blood! He look very healthy, too! Guess what, William was 41 years old when he do this role!!

"You stand right here for one minute, and let me do all the work!"

Tabonga just have to show this extra cool pic from party!

Freakin' vampire peeping-tom, jeez!!

Let's see if bullet stop this fucker!..

Nope, guess not!

Climactic fight scene between dad and son is possible best part of flick. First, dad push son into lit fireplace. Nice guy!

Why, I'll!..

Here, let me pop that big ol' zit for ya!

Mom, Jimmy hurt himself... BAD!!

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Christopher said...

I didn't know william smith was in Ghost of Frankenstein till fairly recently..Hes gotta be the kid that kicks the little girls ball up on the roof..
Was always a big fan of of Laredo
'd'oooh them two them two!"

Mrs O'rielly's Daughter Jack said...

Am I the only one who noticed that all vampire movies suck?? I crack me up! I laughed so hard I almost blew a seal!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

available for instant play on Netflix!

TABONGA! said...

PG - I guess you missed my sneaky shoutout!

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