Monday, December 7, 2009

OPERAZIONE GOLDMAN - Riz Ortolani - "Lightning Bolt" (1966)

Just in case you never wondered, that "Beyond" up there on the top of the page, includes Psychedelic Spy Surfer Biker Slasher Beatnik Hipster Hot-Rod Hippies, or any other depraved Monsters of Society, and brings us right up to tonight's super feature, "Lightning Bolt", a Spy caper worth checking out for at least 5 reasons!!

# 01 reason: Introducing Lieutenant Harry Sennet played by Dungeon Hero Anthony Eisley!

# 02 reason is Diana Lorys as Captain Patricia Flanagan, or as she also known, Agent 36-22-36!

Posing as a wealthy playboy, Harry's super special secret weapon is that he has an unlimited bank account, and can try and buy his way in, or out, of any given situation! # 03 reason: You can download this movie for free at the Internet Archive!(Sorry folks, I guess it's not there anymore, but there's a ton of other cool stuff!!!)

# 04: Harry is pretty laid back and cool most of the time, but he also does a boss job of kicking ass when he needs to!

# 05: The German title of this film is "Gemini 13 - Todesstrahlen auf Kap Canaveral" and you know if it's got 13 in the title, it's a weiner!!

And if that's not enough, how about this beer truck with a big spinning mug, decked out with state of the art video monitoring equipment?

Harry conks this one dude over the head with a beer bottle!!

And while he's figuring out the next step in his plan, we get the treat of this brilliant mug shot!!!

So a whole bunch of stuff happened and Harry ends up in this underwater compound, where he meets Dr. Rooney, the local laser beam specialist!

Dr. Rooney has to work for the Evil Boss and do what he says, or they'll freeze him like all these other scientists, and use his brain later like some kind of analytical frozen TV dinner!

Enter prominet Italian actor Folco Lulli as the dastardly evil, nefarious and mysterious REHTE!!! Right! The same name that's on the beer trucks, because not only is REHTE going to take over the whole world, but he's also a brewmaster to be reckoned with!! Folco has a long history of Sword & Sandal flicks under his rather sizable belt, and here, enjoys a good whiskey!!

REHTE has big plans for taking over the world, but he needs to be in charge of the Moon first, and scoffs at Harry's offer of a check for 10 million dollars!

REHTE's underwater facility lies directly underneath Cape Kennedy, which allows him to wreak all kinds of havoc on the space program!!

They were going to freeze Harry too, but he manages to escape, and fights off a whole bunch of REHTE's guards and proceeds to start messing up the man's place, along with Dr. Rooney, who replaces some fuses or something, that throws everything off kilter! Lava starts flowing in and stuff is exploding, and REHTE decides he better start bailing too!

It's a pretty horrific scene as circuits blow, and all the frozen folks start melting!!

Harry and RETHE have a terrific battle culminating in a big molten splash, as Harry delivers the line to remember, "I didn't like your beer either!" Yeah, we spit on your grave RETHE, that's what you get for having such a stupid name!!

The whole place gets blown to Hell, and the whole thing is done to the music of a guy we've been talking about quite a bit around here lately, Riz Ortolani! Riz does a great job on this film from cool lounge to awesome suspense, the music keeps it moving!

Harry and Dr. Rooney make it back to the surface okay, and Harry gets his checkbook taken away again!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

thanx for the info on where to find a copy, mine died!

Troy Z said...

Just a little over a week ago, I was discombobulated a bit by listening to Riz Ortolani's score for "Cannibal Holocaust" set as the musical background for an adorable cat video on Cute Overload:

I can only assume by the videomaker's use of a bloody typeface for the titling that the choice was an intentional nod to those in the know.

Reverend Steve said...

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Arch Hall Jr. music and I have become a HUGE fan. I consider myself a bad movie historian. I created a religion based on Ed Wood in 1996 ( and I've started showing bad movies on my blog ( so it's like this blog was made just for me. Thank you for keeping the spook show monster movie thing alive. Keep preaching, my brothers!

-Reverend Steve Galindo

TABONGA! said...

Dude (Folco Lulli) look like gordo Mexican Ernest Borgnine!!!

Oh, an' Tabonga just pick up MONSTROID which also star Dungeon pal Anthony Eisley!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hallelujah Bro!!!

Scary Manilow said...

This looks relevant to my interests! Definitely picking up a copy-- thanks for the scoop!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen LIGHTNING BOLT, but I knew that one day, I must! My good old pal, Arthur C. Pierce (RIP) worked on the dubbing crew for a couple of foreign sci-fi/horror flicks, LIGHTNING BOLT being one of the ones he mentioned. Now, "I cannot, but I must!" watch this flick and listen for the voice of my mentor! :)

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