Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE MONSTER MAKER / PRC - 1944 / Music by Albert Glasser

Hi everbloody, already Wednesday an' time to make a monster again, here at Dungeon! Speak of monster making, tonight lil' PRC flick THE MONSTER MAKER is pretty decent for where and year it come from! ...Poster kinda cool too, for 1944, lettering is superb!

Mostly tonight soundclip is from concert by famous pianist Anthony Lawrence playing dramatic old classic. Rest is composed by super Dungeon favorite pal Albert Glasser, who help out MR. BIG for many year!!

Tabonga' lil' buddie pet gnat Piff been hiding in Tabonga' ear, waiting to push giant big 'GO' button to start tonight festivity, so come on out Piff and press that button!... A MONSTER AND A APE!!

Give listen to super genius piano dude Anthony Lawrence, play by Ralph Morgan!..


Wanda McKay out with boyfriend Terry Frost, she is daughter of pianist Anthony Lawrence. J. Carrol Naish is out with lab assistant Tala Birell. J. Carrol staring at Wanda, she look like his ex, dead wife. Tala is jealous!

Great pianist need personal trainer to work out keyboard cramp!

J. Carrol Naish is perfect SOB as Dr. Igor Markoff!

Crash Corrigan back as big ape! So cool in forties, almost ape in every flick!!

Whoa, Markoff have inside direct line to Plum Island!!

SOB Markoff knock out Lawrence with candlestick and shoot up with acromegaly fluid to get to daughter he so damn obsessed with and want to marry.

Then he find out the worst, he definitely gots the disease... acromegaly!

Lawrence show up at Markoff place and he know what happen!

Cheater Markoff call in henchman Steve to take care of Elephant Dude... Steve played by Glenn Strange!

Markoff send out Crash to take care of Tala because she know what the hell is going on around there!

Hey babuh! You 'da gorilla my dreams!!.. How's about a big hug?!

Tabonga very sorry, but he forget to get still of ACE, THE WONDER DOG who come in and chase Crash away!

Daughter come to visit pops but find Elephant Dude instead! He spill beans and tell her Markoff do it to him!

Elephant Dude break away from bed an' stomp asshole Markoff.

Lawrence get antidote and is back to normal post haste! Hey, look... Right back where started!! Jus' like Escher infinity strip!

Yer bonus!.. Toodle!

Rodan post more cool junk images tomorrow!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

acromegaly in a jar?...

zillagord said...

If only I could get that Monster Making kit back! That was the best! Thanks for reminding me of good times past...

Greg Goodsell said...

Acromegaly! Is that a politically incorrect Hollywood bugaboo or what? Poor Rondo Hatton --

Monster Music

Monster Music
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