Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Welcome, everbloody, to Tabonga' Wednesday post! Basically, this Jerry Warren catastrophy cause Columbia Picture to cancel Phyllis Coates contract!.. Phyllis was Jerry ex-gurlfiend and he talk her into doing flick as favor. When Columbia dude see it, she get fired! Thanks a lot, Jerry!!

Check out poster with lady in red dress attack by monster octopus! All Tabonga can say... Kids probably very disappointed!!

Tabonga recognize music the same in KING DINOSAUR, ATOMIC BRAIN and small piece from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! but only know that Josef Zimanich was music director. Not that strange since flick is produce by Jerry!

Pet tarantula Ralphie so happy to push tonight' 'GO' button, he give Tabonga big hug!!.. Hit it! el SILLY PUTRIFIED TUNNEL!

All great adventure start wif' loaded super-genius and big ol' chunk-o-divinity!

John Carradine push off Sheila (BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE) Noonan, Phyllis (SUPERMAN) Coates, George (MAN BEAST) Skaff and Robert (THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) Clarke to almost certain death.

For some reason, Tabonga craving grape!

Of course, diving bell crash and everbloody have to get out and swim somewhere!

They find tunnels and now have new home with skeleton already in closet!! And, check out pave walkway!



ANnnnNND... WTF?!!!

Where the hell Jerry find these guy?! Dude from France!!

John and super-genius feel a little guilty because diving bell accident was their fault, so they go take shop class to take mind off it!

Wilma an' Betty spruce up dining area!

Believe or don't, radio dude come down and fix diving bell!! And get this!.. They climb up ladder to leave!!!

Tunnel mole dude try to pull off love coup but wall come tumbling down!

...ON HEAD!!

Gurls run on pave pathway to find guys, then they all go back to surface world.

Even though everything look so damn great, Phyllis gonna get fired from Columbia Studio shortly!! Thanks a lot one more time, Jer!!..


Prof. Grewbeard said...

this is another one i need to check out...i think.

Darfish said...

WTF!!? he he he!!
I'm rellllllyyyyy gonna miss you Mr. T.

DZONDZON said...

I don't know how I ever missed this one. I'm sure FMoF mentioned it, so that's why the title's familiar. Looks bad.

Greg Goodsell said...

I like how the ladies go exploring the unknown with little more than some sweaters and pumps. My fave bit of pseudo-science is when the scientists say the reason the underground cavern has oxygen is on account of volcanic explosions! Did I miss that in science class?

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Monster Music
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