Thursday, July 9, 2009

GRITOS EN LA NOCHE - The Awful Dr. Orloff - José Pagán & Antonio Ramírez Ángel - "Cries In The Night" (1962)

To call Dr. Orloff awful is quite the understatement to be true, I'm thinking a bit harsher vocabulary would be in order, something like reprehensible, intolerable, insufferable or maybe even downright inexcusable would be more like it, because he's one very bad cat!!

So the movie starts right off when Ricardo Valle as Morpho(the kids in school used to call him Mofo), Dr. Orloff's creature/monster buddy, follows this drunk whore home, hides in her closet, kills her, and takes her home to the good doctor, so he can use her skin to fix up his daughter who is horribly disfigured! All the while the music stumbles and rumbles along in another wild and wonderful cacophony of Jesus Franco madness gone sane!

It's amazing what you used to be able to get away with in a small town!!

Nice combo! That would be stand-up bass, fiddle, trumpet, accordian, and none other than Jess Franco sitting at the piano!!

The remarkable talents of Howard Vernon are once again put to good use, as Orloff uses the whole pretense of trying to help his daughter as a good excuse to get away from her, and go hang out in the local bars! He also has a real penchant for booze & singers!!!

Then, he sends Morpho out to take care of the dirty business!!!

So it's no wonder, and it makes for some pretty good sick comedy, that when the local authorities try to get a sketch made of the killer, they keep getting two completely different descriptions, because half the people describe Orloff, and half of them describe Morpho!!!

You just have to wonder how Morpho finds the time, and then manages to tie his tie so perfectly, actually, he's quite dapper in appearance, but it's not quite enough to make up for for the bad complexion, those googly eyes, and the total lack of personality!!

Finally, we get down to the final victim, who Morpho seems to like enough to become some kind of mammalian octopus, and kind of forgets what he is really supposed to be doing!!

Now we're getting close to The End!!

If you could see the rest of this picture, you would notice that for good reason, Dr. Orloff, isn't smiling!!!

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Prof. Grewbeard said...

i just think it's cool that Howard Vernon is in Alphaville. i keep expecting him to call in Morpho and sic 'em on Eddie Constantine!

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