Monday, July 20, 2009

TOTÓ NELLA LUNA - Alexandre Derevitsky - "Totò in the Moon" (1958)

Try looking Totò up on the internet sometime! Besides our main guy here, you'll also come across singers from not only Italy, but also Haiti, and Columbia! There's a Swiss hockey player and a Mafia boss, and everyone knows about Dorthy's little dog in "The Wizard Of Oz" and the schlocky 70's pop band, and the new kid in town in "Gamera The Brave," but did you know there's a town in Indiana named Toto, and also one in Angola, it's a primitive tribe in India, and not to forget, it's also Spanish profanity for female genitalia in the Dominican Republic!!

Just how popular was Totò?? Follow that link to an awesome page of posters and lobby cards covering the amazing array of the man's films to find out!!! Semplicemente Fantastico!!!!

Great dialogue or is it all in the translation?!

Adding Italian bombshell Sylva Koscina into the mix, and then blowing her clothes off in this lab scene gone bad, was an excellent idea!!

Since this is also a story about a science fiction author, we get some cool imagery like this neato space spider!!!

Let's see, "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" came out in 1956, two years before this film! Umm!

The Pod Creature is born!!!

Truer words have never been translated!!

These guards are supposed to be working, but besides the two six packs they drank, they also look extremely stoned!!

Dude runs around butt naked for what seemed like about half of the movie! More great dialogue!!!

The music for this film was composed by a gentleman named Alexandre Derevitsky, working this time out as Alessandro Derevitsky. It doesn't really rock or swing, but you needed to know about this film anyway, so who cares?! Alex had a couple of other cool titles under his belt like "Hercules' Revenge" and my favorite translation, "My Pal Dr. Jekyll." So without further distraction, here's just a taste of, not the Man, but "Totò In The Moon"!!!!

Totò and the Pod Creature are sent to the Moon by accident, and meet with the supreme being!

Totò laments about all the good times he's going to miss, and it's very sad until they transform the Pod Creature into a companion for him!

Totò didn't like that first version at all, but was very happy in the end with the final transformation, and doesn't care about going back to Earth ever again!! So, Es Todo for real!!!!!


Darfish said...

WOW....thank you, that was better than actually watching the movie, I especially love that image of the Pod guy w/ boobs...and a sly little smile. I'll sleep well now.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

if Eegah!! and Tabonga! are interested in something, it means it's interesting, if not baffling!

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