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EL SECRETO DEL DR. ORLOFF - Fernando García Morcillo & Daniel White - "Dr. Orloff's Monster" (1964)

A little over a year ago, a reader of this blog, a fine gentleman and a scholar, known as Matango, turned me on to the fantastic music in "Dr. Orloff's Monster", and I thought he was going to do a guest spot, but we've seemed to have lost contact, so Howard, wherever you are, this one's for you Buddy!

And I quote Matango, "In Jess Franco's "El secreto de Dr. Orloff"(better known in English as "Dr. Orloff's Monster" or "The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll"), the songs are credited to Fernando Garcia Morcilla. Daniel White wrote the main score and incidental music, and Franco himself plays jazz piano in a couple of cameos."

The dancer is these opening scenes looks like she has her drawers on backwards or maybe both legs in one hole!

I think Jesus left the room for a minute or two, and someone told her to just stare right at the camera for awhile!!!

Introducing Hugo Blanco as 'The Monster,' not Morpho, but Andros this time!! This curdled Vaseline look is odd at best!! Still, just as you would expect, Andros is a vicious killer zombie creature kinda guy with a penchant for singers and dancers, of course!!

I'm not quite sure what the name of this first victim is, we'll just call her Miss Plumber. Doesn't make much difference, her part in this movie is over already!!

Okay, freakin' Dr Orloff or Dr Jekyll as some people know him, is a weirdo, but he has this ultra cool castlefied pad. At this point, his niece Melissa has just arrived to spend some quality time with what's left of the family!!

This is Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui as the devious Dr. Conrad Jekyll! (The whole Orloff/Jekyll thing is very confusing, I mean this guy is not Dr. Jekyll, he never changes into anything, but he's just always an ass or an oaf of grandiose proportions!)

Pastor Serrador as Inspector Sneezy Klein, the guy in charge of investigating all the murders, blows his way through the whole film!!

In this scene, Melissa's despondent boyfriend lines up martinis, trying to figure out what in the heck is going down at the Jekyll Madhouse!!

Matango writes "Dr. Orloff's Monster was Franco's followup to "Gritos En La Noche/The Awful Dr. Orloff." The two songs presented here mark the beginning of his fascination with over-long nightclub scenes that don't advance the plot." (But we sure love the music!!!)

I thought the lyrics translated a little better than that!!!

"Pepita Que Horror"--------"The harsh buzzing noise in "Pepita que horror" is the sound of the electronic transmitter in the diamond necklace that Orloff's monster Andros uses to find the girl he's supposed to abduct."

"Haciendo Realidad"------"Haciendo Realidad" is captured from the French dub, because the dialog is less distracting that way!"

Jess at the piano again, this time as an intellectual musician with a taxidermist girlfriend, who is about to become the next victim!!

Matango says "The movie is well worth watching -- a very stylish Eurogothic horror, with a bigger budget and less sleaze than Jesus Franco's later films. The only thing missing is a star like Howard Vernon or Klaus Kinski."

Agnès Spaak as Jekyll's neice Melissa is Hot!! She's stong, innocent, and differently beautiful all at the same time, and she just turned 65 a couple of months ago!! And now, even I have to go searching, because in 1966(a fantastic year) Agnès was in some dang Spy movie entitled "Baraka Sur X 13!" and I just gotta see it!!!


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