Saturday, July 18, 2009

ALIEN CONTAMINATION / Italy + W. Germany - 1980 / Music by GOBLIN

Welcome back to SATURDAY AFTERNOON FLICK from The Dungeon. Today we has a strange one from 1980, kinda ALIEN 2 ripoff. ALIEN Egg on Earth and takin' over from base in Columbia where they grow in banana field... Forever!! Original title wuz CONTAMINATION, USA video release has title TOXIC SPAWN!

Music by interesting group, GOBLIN, which consist of 13 different guy and 1 gurl over 25 year span! Good stuff for Saturday Afternoon Flick!

Tabonga' pet gnat Piff is buzzing around, so time for lil' guy to press giant GO button and start afternoon soundclip. So, ready, set... EXPLODIN' FLYIN' FLESH HEMOGOBLINS!! Now, lots-o eye an' ear candy for you enjoyment!

Thing not going that great on coffee ship from Columbia!.. Blech!

This pic for Dungeon special gurlfiend Darfish... Green egg an' ham!

I'm freezing my freaking balls off here!!

Get ready to blow up poor little white mouse!

Dude diserve to es'plode!

Hmmmmm!.. That look kinda familiar!!

Raise right hand if think this is good helmet design! Dude all hypnotize by egg an' act like not in some flick!

They actually film part of flick in Columbia!

Egg collectors look like weird ant running around in banana field! Maybe is Easter?!

Stella and Tony get capture by bad guy Martian clone egg man, or whatever. Anyway, Tony has to go meet the monster hisself and now he all hypnotize too!! Not lookin' too gut for the Tonster!

Yep, Tony not gonna make it to end of flick! Suppose to make you upset, but you no care! BFD... At least you finally get to see monster!

Ian kickin' ass!.. Yeehaw!!

Then, Stella turn. But, Ian come in and break up monster good times!

Ian shoot and WTF?!
Then, bad guy blow up and fall down! Game over!!

Lovers Ian and Stella look at star and talk about future... Meanwhile, flick end wif' EGG in garbage in New York City!!

Eegah!! bring you more surprise on Monday! Be there or be big square knucklehead!!

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Darfish said...

Ahhhhwww shucks, I do love me some green eggs and ham! And, any Alien movie I can get my claws into!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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