Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THE APE / Monogram Pictures - 1940 / Music by Edward J. Kay

Herro everbloody, tonight we gots a decent lil' flick from 1940 and star Dungeon King Boris Karloff. He is typical misunderstood scientist, Dr. Adrian, on verge of great discovery for mankind, but nobody like him and call him 'unethical' because of something in dubious past. Screenplay by THE WOLFMAN writer Curt Siodmak and from a play by Adam Shirk!

Circus music is nutty and wild. Music dude Edward J. Kay have mindboggling 328 music department credit from 1936-58... Daaaaang!! Here are some titles he work on: WOLF CALL, TOMBOY, DOOMED TO DIE, QUEEN OF THE YUKON, KING OF THE ZOMBIES, FRECKLES COMES HOME, GHOST TOWN LAW, POLICE BULLETS, COSMO JONES, CRIME SMASHER, KID DYNAMITE, GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE, REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES, CAMPUS RHYTHM, GHOST GUNS, CAPTAIN TUGBOAT ANNIE, MR. MUGGS RIDES AGAIN, JIGGS AND MAGGIE OUT WEST, GHOST CHASERS, JET JOB, FEUDIN' FOOLS, JOHNNY ROCCO, and on, and on, and on! Helluva cool job if you could land it!

Tabonga' pet gnat Piff breathing down Tabonga' neck because it his turn to press big old GO BUTTON for tonight' soundclip! Hit it lil' Piffer!!.. DON'T APE ME, MAN! WHEEEEEE!!!

Oh boy, circus comin' to town! Tabonga wonder if 'Lil' Circus Guy' gonna be there?

Everbloody hate Dr. Adrian! He catch bad boy throwing rock at house!

Clown running around in circle for 10 minutes very captivating back in old day! Today?... Just embarrassing!

Wow, exciting.

After everbloody go the hell home, time to relax before nightie-night!

Dude like to torment THE APE, so APE do some well diserved payback on card carrying jerkface! Best part of flick to be sure!!! Crash (IT, THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE) Corrigan play THE APE!

Then, exit stage left!! (funnier if you imagine Snaggletooth saying line, e-ven!)

Lady and germ, presenting... Mr. Total Ass Hole of 1940!!

Dr. Adrian trying to help cure poor gurl Frances, who have polio!

THE APE show up at doctor' house and he want to hurt sumbloody! Then, Dr. Adrian actually stab and kill THE APE!! During scuffle, THE APE knock over all special spinal fluid serums for miracle polio cure!.. Oh, crap, now what is doctor going to do?!

Okay, chec-kit out! Everfreakingbloody have a hat!!!

Maybe good plan to get more spinal fluid is... Skin THE APE and make costume for disguise, then THE APE get blame for murder, not doctor... Hey, not bad, might work!!

But, thing not work out too good and doc get shot!

Frances come and she so sad for the doctor she stand up and walk, and Dr. Adrian get to see result of his work before he die...

Hey, where THE APE costume go?!

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Darfish said...

Mmmmmmm mmmm, Lamb stew and dumplings!

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