Friday, July 31, 2009

QUELLA VILLA ACCANTO AL CIMITERO - Walter Rizzati - "Zombie Hell House" (1981)

This site was originally supposed to be about cool music from the 50's and 60's! "House By The Cemetary" as it is known in one of it's various incarnations, and the under two minutes worth of music you can hear here, is a classic example of why we chose to stay in those eras! It's quite simple, and you can think what you might, but we really don't dig Gore, I mean Al was almost OK, but I didn't dig him that much, and this film is a bloody mess, starting from the opening chords when the girl you hear gets a knife stuck through the back of her head and out her throat, that's it for me, I'm outta here! I just couldn't even watch this movie!

But, always trying to look on the bright side, I would like to say, that Walter Rizzati, the composer of the rather mundane music for this film was also responisble for a roster of unbelievable titles when they are translated into English! So here you go, spanning the years from 1966 to 1982 alone, Walter composed the music for not only this film, but also "The Bronx Warriors", "My Wife Goes Back To School", "Flying Sex", "I'm for the Hippopotamus" and "Our Men in Bagdad!" WhoooEeee!!! This film also featured music by The Yardbirds, and a snippet of "Barefootin" by Robert Parker, and you might be able to find the whole soundtrack somewhere if you try hard enough!!!


Darfish said...

neat-o....(it's really more than I should have come up with, but I dig on that organ music)

Christopher said...

good euro score..sounds more like the 60s or 70s

Greg Goodsell said...

Actually, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY isone of director Lucio Fulci's BETTER pictures. You don't want to mess with ALICE BROKE THE MIRROR or DEOMNIA.

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