Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS / Coleman Francis - 1961 / Music by Kauer, Nafshun + Remington

Before MST3K version of 'dis horrible flick, Tabonga hate it! Was unwatchable! Now, love it!! Love Coleman Francis and Tony Cardoza!! They make worse flick than Eddie!

One guess why not fit for TV unedited in 1961!

Music dude Gene Kauer work on great stuff to include CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS, THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN GEE WHIZ ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON (TV), DOOR-TO-DOOR MANIAC, MONSTROSITY, AGENT FOR H.A.R.M., SWAMP GIRL, FACES OF DEATH I, II + III and THE ONE ARMED EXECUTIONER! Irwin Nafshun work on same stuff as Kauer, Al Remington work on only two project, this and EXPLORING THE MOON!

Is Tabonga' pet tarantula turn to press giant 'GO' Button for tonight' soundclip Eegah!! bake up in cave east of here!! Okay, Ralphie, push away lil' dude!.. BEAST OF YUCKY CRAPS!

Hey, Conrad Brooks cameo!

Hey look, Tony Cardoza play tough guy commie with cool hat! Oh, and he drive nice white Plymouth Valiant!

Hey, it the coffee guy!!

WHEEEEEE!!! Car race is fun!!


Tor is BEAST now and choke gurl wif' purse too!! Then he take gurl to cave for hot time on old rock!

Whoa, wild looking Marcia Knight, great star of THE SKYDIVERS!!

Coleman very thrifty, use son Ronald and Alan and secret weapon, wife Linda.

Or not!!

Coleman steal from only the best!

Dad want to get good look at that one pebble.

Everbloody can figure this out by self!

aaaa!.. AAAAAA!!!

IDIOT 101.


Ahhhhh, that so cute!.. G'night sweet Tor!


ufo said...

XLNT job Tabonga!
Nex' time it Piff's turn!
"Dad want to get good look at that one pebble."....hilarious!
Keep up the good work everbloody!

TABONGA! said...

Hi UFO, Tabonga here... Tabonga have to give credit where due for such awesome 'pebble' joke. It from MST3K version!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

great movie but it's a good thing it's only an hour long...

"flag on the did it get there?...a man murdered...a woman's purse...and footsteps on the wasteland...

sheer poetry!

Rob Craig said...

You guys are idiots. You can only enjoy an amazing piece of American Art-Brut like BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS when its been pre-digested by those MST3K idiots? And you are GLAD this stroke of minimalist genius is only an hour long? What are you, 10 years old? GROW UP, BE A MAN, AND WATCH THE REAL MOVIE!!! Turds like you making fun of a Coleman Francis film is like a monkey laughing at the Mona Lisa...

And TABONGA, since you are obviously gonna censor this comment from going in your little boys club, I am sending this comment far and wide.

TABONGA! said...

Hi Rob, Tabonga not a turd, Tabonga a stick!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Rob, send Tabonga you address and we send you Dungeon made Art-Brut masterpiece DVD... THE CREEP!

We not publish you address!

Darfish said...

I like the bunny, and not mean people.

Naomi B. said...

I don't get it, comparing a movie to bad cologne is a good thing?? That's like comparing a weenie to a watermelon!

KD said...

MST3K be damned! No matter what anyone says, this movie is amazing and I love every minute of it!!!

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