Saturday, July 11, 2009

THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON / Diplomatic Pictures - 1973 / Music by Arnold Freed

Welcome everbloody to Dungeon Saturday Afternoon Flick! This afternoon we gots a wild and weird twisted horror-comedy starring Dean Stockwell from 1973! Dean start his excellent career in 1945 with THE VALLEY OF DECISION and ANCHORS AWEIGH and in 1968 play Dave in PSYCHE-OUT. Also has great lil' guy Michael Dunn as DR. KISS!..

Flick is actually statement about Richard Nixon Whitehouse!!

Whoa, music dude Arnold Freed only have one music credit in movieland!!! And, guess what?! Not this flick!!!

Tabonga totally full of it!

So, here is today fun soundclip from Eegah!! Okay, start the show, now!.. POLITICAL MONSTER!

Dean and gurlfiend on vacation in Hungary and have harrowing car wreck at night in hills and locals actin' all weird... Katalin Kallay play gurlfiend, she is President's daughter!!.. Then, Dean get bit by some crazy thing in the night!

They go home but Dean know he in trouble when 'pentagon' (ha ha) symbol appear on palm of hand.

Yakkity yakkity yakkk and a half!

Clifton James is dead ringer for real politico dude!

Dean start turning into wolfman so try and run away from Katalin so he don't bite her! Dean is good werewolf at heart!!

Dean is press assistant to the President and being werewolf getting in the way!

Funny part is when full Moon and Dean crawl and jump around on everything acting like big stupid doggie in his apartment!

Best part, though, when Dean knock over and trap gurl in phone booth! She make it because some dude come and chase Dean away with gun.

Dean try and bowl with President but thumb get stuck in hole when he start turning into wolf again!

Dean stumble into Dr. Kiss' mad lab by accident and doctor befriend him! Check out those Frankenstein shoes!!

Use a whole pail of chain to tie up wolfman to keep from escaping!

This time, Dean change into werewolf on flight with President!

Only one way to end flick, Katalin have to shoot and kill Dean wif' silver bullet... What else?!

Great shot as Dean wave goodbye to Earth!

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Prof. Grewbeard said...

one of my favorites! Dean is the coolest!

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Monster Music
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