Monday, July 13, 2009

THE DEMON - Nick Labuschagne - "Profane Nocturnal Fiend" (1979)

What a piece of work, but what a prefect movie to lead off this Monday The 13th week, because this jewel is an unholy midnight calling, that is probably not worth your time, unless you are finally really tired of watching those "Gunsmoke" re-runs for the umpteethmillion time, or have been having trouble sleeping lately!!

The music was composed by Nick Labuschagne in his first of only two composing gigs, the other being the 1983 Gary Lockwood classic, "Survival Zone!" Pointless insignificant music from Lipps Inc. and The Sugarhill Gang are thrown into the background to pad out the 1979 experience!!

There are some tremendously okay scenes of driving around at night!!

Cameron Mitchell shows up in a vague unsuccessful attempt to conjure up some validity, but to no avail!!

Right about here is the time for one big collective WTF??

My word, that outfit was loud!! Can you people hold it down, I'm trying to sleep in here!!!

Now you gotta admit, this is a pretty cool composition!! Sometimes that's it, sometimes that all you can squeeze out of a film, one good shot!!!

That "Misfit Of Science" girl, Jennifer Holmes as What's-her-face, gets the added indignity bonus of having to run around in only her chonies to escape the madman, in this, her very first film outing!!

How rude to follow a lady into the bathroom! If you were wondering what kind of fashion statement Jennifer was trying to make, it's the shower curtain she tore down in an attempt to cover herself up!!

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DZONDZON said...

How about the Boobs Disco? I didn't see a single boob.

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