Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Fireworks / INFRAMAN - 1975 / Music by Yung-Yu Chen

Okay here is Tabonga' best pick for 4th of July celebration, great flick from HONG KONG!! Hey, you like insane, non-stop action wif' craziest monster you ever seen? Then, INFRAMAN is flick for you!! Shaw Bros. produce one swell diversion, one of Tabonga' top 10 Weirdies of all time for sure!

Awesome music is by Yung-Yu Chen, he have 151 composing credit from 1971-82!!! That average to about 11 credit per year!!.. DUDE! All are action-whatever! A few other Chinese title he compose for are: THE LADY PROFESSIONAL, NEW ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN, FIST ATTACK, THE HUMAN GODDESS, THE DEVIL'S MIRROR, SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON, MAN OF IRON, THE PIRATE, THE SUGAR DADDIES, BRUCE TAKES DRAGON TOWN, GHOST EYES, QUEEN HUSTLER, THE KILLER SNAKES, BLACK MAGIC, KILLER CLANS, CRAZY SEX, OILY MANIAC, MR. FUNNYBONE, THE KUNG-FU KID, BATTLE WIZARD and tons more!

So, here is little taste of master music man from Hong Kong work... INFRAMAN!! This flick was banned in Norway!!

Unexplained bad thing happening, so Science Rangers go into high gear trying to figure out why!

Dragon Mom and minions have invade Earth and want to take over!

This Tabonga' kind of monster here, he have rotating drill bit hand and super-excellent sense of humor!! Make great combo!

Time to make... INFRAMAN!

Monster guy capture Science Ranger dude and they have little surprise ready for him!

Time for brain redo, then he can be spy for Dragon Mom! Check out eyeball in hand, hell yeah!!

Monster have no chance against acrobatic move like that... JEEZ!!

Now, that Tabonga kind of pad!! Serious.


Three great pics!!

Inframan finally nail Dragon Mom with atomic fireball, and, well, that the end of her!!

Nice place, too bad it gonna esplode in about 7 second!

Too cool, Science Ranger gang get to leave on fancy boat!!



jima said...

Infra-Man is the man. He has Thunderball Fists, ya know.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

can i haz Thunderball Fists?...

Wendel said...

I actually saw "most" of this at a drive-in with the feature release of "Buck Rogers." It was so bad we actually left 1/2 way through.
And I am a fan of these kind of movies. This one, however, was too bad to sit through.

b said...

INFRA-MAN am da bomb! Best superhero movie prior to Christopher Reeves SUPERMAN.

Darfish said...

I like the music, reminds me of my all time favorite band, H.G.

Max said...

Despite a childhood spent watching Ultraman on weekday afternoons and kung fu flicks on Saturdays I managed to miss out on this one till last year! One of those times one says "Where the hell has this been my entire life?!"

The man-spider that spits flaming web bombs is my favorite.

Of tangential interest, Princess Dragon Mom is also the name of a long-running noise rock band out of Detroit:

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??