Sunday, December 28, 2008

RETURN OF THE FLY / 20th Century Fox - 1959 / Music by Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter (SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Good eefning everbloody, Tabonga Tuesday splash down yet again for you listen, view and brain-warp pleasure...

Wow, check out greatest Brit double-feature poster ever!!

Well, Bert Shefter and Paul Sawtell back here at Dungeon creating atmosphere for tonight' lil' shocker. They also work on CURSE OF THE FLY, THE NASTY RABBIT, KRONOS, THE BLACK SCORPION, TEENAGE ZOMBIES, THE FIEND THAT WALKED THE WEST, etc. Then, very Dungeon favorite Ed Bernds directing to top it all off!!

Flick start with Philippe' mom die, they at cemetary, it raining. Philippe all grown up and want to see father' old laboratory, so, Vinnie take him there. Bonus!.. Michael Marks play dude that find Philippe' dad crush in press from THE FLY. He tellin' them to keep away from that infernal equipment, only bad thing can come from it!

Here are tonight' bad guy, Ronald and Max, pretty much total sleaze balls!! Ronald work for Philippe and he gonna steal plans for teleporter and Max gots all the rich-bitch connection to sell for giant illegal profit!.. Like Bush and Cheney!!

Ronald have no problem putting guinea pig in teleporter with cop, then step on poor lil' defenseless guinea pig man.

Vinnie want to know where is Philippe so Ronald shoot him in stomach!!

They find Philippe when they do teleporter download!.. Oops, 'nother fly head!!

Big guy Ed Wolff play monster again, like Robot in THE PHANTOM CREEPS, Mutant in INVADERS FROM MARS, and Colossus in COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK!

They tell everbloody to look for fly with dude head... Cop find it!!

Dick get what... Err... Max get what he deserve!!

Ronald get what he deserve too!!

So, everything turn out just right!!


Greg Goodsell said...

What? No mutant girl in her underwear crashing through a window?

KRENG said...

Another beautiful screamer here! Still looking out for those!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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