Monday, December 22, 2008

THE MIGHTY GORGA - Charles Walden - "Stock Music" (1969)

Yes, Mildred, of course there is a Santa Claus!! Whaddaya thinkin'? And his real name is "The Mighty Gorga"!!!!

Anthony Eisley does another one of his remarkable, 'let me smoke a cigarette, and I'll do any scene you want' performances! Anthony is a perennial favorite around these parts, and you don't have to delve very deep into his list of titles to understand why! Starting right about 1966, Anthony had an almost unparalleled run of stinkers starting with "The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters," followed by "Journey To The Center Of Time" and "The Mummy And The Curse Of The Jackals!" That's like having the bases loaded, and you walk up to the plate, and knock it out of the park and into the parking lot with "The Mighty Gorga!" My word, what a movie, and Anthony is in there all the way!!

Anthony Eisley passed away in 2003, but his work will live on forever!!!!! What a sport!!

Anthony, Megan Timothy and Lee Parrish ponder the many hidden and subtle intricacies of the plot after he arrives at the zoo, I mean, in Africa!!

Using the zoo in L.A. for random shots of animals, and placing brightly coloured giant plastic flowers in strategic locations doesn't exactly make the mountain areas of California look like an African jungle, but you can't blame Anthony for that!!

Now, come on, doesn't this shot look pretty cool??

Mighty Gorga crashes the party!!!

You'd think with that big monkey chasing them around all the time, these natives would be in a little better shape! It was at this point, I really started doubting the authenticity of this film's historical value!

Time for another smoke!!!!

Gorga's big problem is his eyes don't move!!! That's pretty much it!!

The big eggs looked pretty real!!!

Arguably the worst dinosaur ever filmed!

Mighty Gorga A Go-Go as far as I can tell is nothing more than a massvie collage of music tracks put together by music supervisor Charles Walden! The last airy vibes and keyboards part is from another movie we've written about I know, with added jungle noises, but I just can't remember it right now. I thought it was Forry's scene in "The Time Travelers" but that isn't it. I'll figure it out one of these days, but in the meantime, the big show must go on!!! "The Mighty Gorga" is out there, and you really need to experience it in person to get the full effect!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Producer Jerry Warren could only afford the top part of a gorilla costume for this turd! The dinosaur in this one is lame, but not as bad as the plastic toys in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF TIME!

Eegah!! Tabonga! and Rodan! said...

Right Info, wrong name, the producers of Gorga were David L. Hewitt and Robert Vincent O'Neill. Jerry wouldn't have been able to afford the top or the bottom!!

zillagord said...

LOL @ "Arguably the worst dinosaur ever filmed!" You won't get much of an argument from me! Most out-of-shape natives as well, plus the glass-eyed Gorga make this one a must-see for me. Thanks for alerting me to this stinker!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine worked on this film, and laughed so hard telling me stories about making it that he was practically shooting his orange juice out of his nostrils! He did manage to get along pretty well with Hewitt though, and as a result hired him to supervise FX for another film later on.

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