Friday, December 19, 2008

PARANOIAC - Elisabeth Lutyens - "Why Don't You Go Ahead And Fry Your Face" (1963)

Cool and Creepy, wild man Oliver Reed and frantic Freddie Francis style centered on another Jimmy Sangster jewel, "Paranoiac" is a great movie, and it's a lot of fun trying to figure out who is really the crazy one, because Lord knows, you've got a lot of excellent choices!! Hammer at it's black and white best, with excellent music by one of the few female composers of the time, Elisabeth Lutyens!!

The basic premise is, Anthony Ashby died or disappeared when he was 15, and his memory is all that's left behind with his brother, sister, and eccentric aunt!

Antony's sister, Janette Scott as Eleanor Ashby, is crazy as a December loon, or so everybody thinks!

The over the top freakin' Oliver Reed is Simon Ashby, crazy Eleanor and dead Tony's brother!

Sheila Burrell is simply marvelous as Aunt Harriet!!!

And then,...out of nowhere, and back from the dead,....Well, Tony shows up!! Needless to say it creates a myriad of money problems, etc, etc.

Simon can't believe his brother has showed back up, and he is also becoming extremely intoxicated!! Here's where some of Liz's cool swing comes into play!

Then you just take your basic components, good music, good champagne, and one insanely neurotic personality conflict, and who knows what kind of fun might possibly ensue? Anyone for a rollicking game of darts??

Issues and back issues!!

Even Liliane Brousse as Simon's girlfriend Françoise would agree, one thing we do not tolerate around here is smoking in bed! Period! That's just stupid!!

Everything seems to be going as well as it possibly could be, when the weird music starts up in the middle of the night, so Tony goes to investigate!

This isn't exactly what he bargained for, and what the Hell is up with that huge goiter??

Eeewwww!! Don't kiss your sister like that!!!!

In the end, everything is all right, because Tony's an imposter, and the real Tony has spent the past few years in some kind of Edgar Allen Poe scenario created by his loving brother Simon! Lucky for you, this movie is available on Netflix, and just screams Hammer holiday spirit!!! Do yourself a favor!!


prof. grewbeard said...

i need to see this, Oliver Reed is always awesome!

Greg Goodsell said...

GROOVY! Pretty pretty pretty please do feature some clips from THE NANNY, the best ever black-and-white Hammer Film with choice bits from Bette Davis ......

Eegah!! Tabonga! and Rodan! said...

Once again, you are correct, Everyone should see this film!!

Good call, "The Nanny" is on the list!!

Good Golly Geez Grewbeard Groovy Goodsell Gris-Gris!!!

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