Monday, December 29, 2008

CURSE OF THE VOODOO - "The Bobby Breen Quintet" - "Night Club Music" (1965)

I'm not a big fan of second party mayhem, preferring a more hands on approach, so it's no wonder that voodoo movies are not my favorite of the horror genre, but voodoo movies are pretty consistent in the cool music department!! "The Dead One" is a perfect example and so is "Curse Of The Voodoo"! Now, I will admit, you're almost 99.9% sure of getting some bongo or other percussive persuasions in any voodoo, jungle, or island flick, so I like to let Tabonga handle those, since native girls are usually also involved, but tonight's a different story.

"Projected Man" Bryant Haliday, on the right plays big game hunter Mike Stacey, a terribly misunderstood man!!! Real quick, the idiot with the rifle wounds a lion, and Mike has to go into Simba territory to finish it off, and because he was trying to take care of business correctly, he is cursed.

What's cluckin' at the Chicken House??

"Curse Of The Voodoo" not only has some cool jazz, but check this out, they actually gave the cat some credit as "night club music by The Bobby Breen Quintet," but now, as fate would have it, you can't find out anything about Bobby at all!!!

The Major explains things to his blah, blah, blah, as Mike makes his entrance!!

There is a vocalist born in 1927 with the same name of Bobby Breen, who was so popular as a child singer and actor, that he was one of the faces on the cover of The Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper" album, and whose last film credit was in 1942, but this is a jazz group with no singer!! Is it possible Bobby is the fair skinned fellah playing the piano??

This dance number featuring Beryl Cunningham goes on for about three minutes uninterrupted with some of the finer pure music you're likely to hear in a monster movie or any other 60's film for that matter, kind of a cross between "Watermelon Man" and a slowed down "Soul Makossa!" Sweet!!! Will the real Bobby Breen please stand up? Thanx!!!

The "Tusk"-like less interesting music in the film is provided by Brian Fahey, who you can find out all kinds of information about!!!

So Mike tries desperately to get back with his wife, and asks her to meet him at this bar back in London, so they can talk things out!! She never shows up, so as he innocently waits, this gal played by Valli Newby tries to pick up on him!

Valli doesn't want to be alone, so Mike goes back to her place with her!

But he passes out, because he really just wants his family back!!

Next thing Mike knows is, everywhere he goes, he sees this guy, the wound he incurred while going after that lion is getting infected, and his whole life is going in the crapper unless he goes back to Africa to undo the curse real fast!!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I just watched this over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Breen is the conga player

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??