Saturday, December 20, 2008

THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE - James Bernard - "Hickey From Hell" (1963)

I'm getting as sick of pianos as I was of organs there for awhile, but back in the day, they were quite a wonder to listen to, so if you're going to do a period piece that includes music, there's not a lot of choices! Glockenspiel, harp or maybe a flute if you're lucky. This go round, it's a manic vampire piano suite to get your blood a boiling, but it was supposed to be "The Kiss Of The Vampire" not "The Piano Concerto Of The Vampire," am I not right? The music is once again by the Maestro James Bernard!!

Hammer regulars Edward de Souza and Jennifer Daniels are the Harcourts, whose car just happened to run out of petrol out in the vampire boondocks!!!

Gee, in no time at all they've invited to dinner and a rousing evening of piano madness at the Ravna's pad hosted by brother and sister Carl and Sabena!!

Marianne Harcount is totally mesmerized by Carl's manic piano stylings, but do they sense anything is out of order? No, not really!!

And before you know it, the Dr. Ravna and the kids are throwing a costume party!!!! How ironic!! Great masks do a good job of hiding the dour mugs of all the international attendees!!

Carl proceeds to pull the old switcheroo, and gets Marianne separated from her husband! Carl's simple mask is quite effective and has given me the creeps for some time now!!

Marianne is whisked off, while husband Gerald is drugged, and the whole party charade is dismantled in a matter of minutes!

Gerald is about to receive the hickey from Hell as the Ravnas and Marianne look on!

All Hell breaks out as the Bats circle the Ravna castle before heading in for the ending!!

You would really have thought that these bloodsuckers would have enjoyed the blood letting a bit more, since it was really their forte, but just like all hypocrites, they just like to dish it out, and can't really take it at all!! What a bunch of wimpy ass vampires, ya'll get what you deserve!!!!

Believe it or not, to this day, nobody has done a movie called "Christmas Of The Vampire," but I think it's about time!!! Ho, Ho, AAaaahhhhh!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

I should have liked this one, but for some reason the ugly round window in the living room just wrecked it for me.

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