Wednesday, December 17, 2008

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT - James Bernard - "The Devil's Bride" (1968)

It's Hammer time, so, go on and put me in the party mix!! The stark reality is that I've been getting pretty Hammered around here lately, in more ways than one. Left behind when we started this venture because they very rarely rock, most Hammer films still usually have something unique or interesting to offer in the music department, enough so, that we've unearthed more than a couple of titles recently! Tonight's feature is a perfect example of what I'm talking about, and the music is provided by Hammer musical main man, James Bernard, called "The Devil Rides Out" and damn well deserves to be reviewed and seen again, but it doesn't even come close to rockin! Nonetheless, there are some interesting audio bits you'll enjoy!! So, as of this very second, I am totally burned out on X-Mas, Ants, Leaky Showers, and more, so, let's just skip the B.S. and get on with the show!!

If you don't like Christopher Lee, you're not going to dig very many Hammer films, but for me, he's simply the best!!!

Here's the mighty trio! Leon Greene as Rex Van Ryn, the UK version of Rod Taylor in what looks to be his own horror outing of the period, Patrick Mower as Simon Aron, a young man with devilish social problems, and Chris Lee as Duc de Richleau, a man who has to have big balls to carry around a handle like that!

So bottom line is, Duc and Rex are supposed to be watching out for Simon, but he's not listening because the devil has him under his spell, so for his own good, Chris throws a vicious haymaker!!

Wow, then it gets all crazy, and they call up this black demon!!

The rather large demonic tarantula came across as pretty cool too!

Satan's throwing a wild shindig, and all the pagan freaks show up for the big bacchanal! Did you ever check out one of these outings? These people have no sense of individuality, and they are completely swept up in the power of their host, Beelzebub!! Non-conformists need not apply!!

And there he is, ole Lucifer his self, just sitting up there on high somewhere, a chillin' and watching his followers get their freak on, but then there's trouble in the lost paradise!

Rex breaks up the party and starts kicking some pagan ass! From the title, there's a good chance you might be led to believe this was a biker flick, but that's not even close, despite the fact that there was this cool fight scene!!!

I don't get it, you'd think the Devil's disciples would enjoy a good Bar-B-Que!!! Oh, that's right, "Some Like It Hot" was a completely different movie!!


Greg Goodsell said...

While many consider this the finest ever Hammer film, the special effects in this were rather weak. I do like Charles Gray before he became better known as the narrator in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

iain said...

"And there he is, ole Lucifer his self,"
Well, not quite. The "devil" which manifests at the "orgy" (which looks like a party of Sunday School teachers getting a bit tipsy) is actually a representation of Baphomet/ the goat of Mendes, a Qabbalistic representation of a pre-Christian deity (or deities). Lucifer means 'light-bearer' in Latin and is the Roman name for the planet Venus in her morning aspect (Vesper was the Roman name for Venus in her evening aspect). Lucifer - 'the morning star' - was identified with the Roman god of light. His association with the Devil is a Christian heresy.

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