Monday, December 1, 2008

DANCE OF DEATH (House Of Evil) - Enrico C. Cabiati - "Macabre Serenade " (1968)

The original premise of this site was to promote the love for the movies and the music, unfortunately this movie,"Dance Of Death" isn't going to allow that to happen, for you see this is just a 'bad' movie, not a good 'bad' movie, but an actual bad 'bad' movie! It's a real stinker, and what makes it even worse is that every horror maven's hero, Boris Karloff, is the star in one of his last outings!! Even the maestro Enrico C. Cabiati's music sucks; he who composed the scores for the likes of "Neutron Vs. The Death Robots" and "Acapulco A Go-Go" just to name two out of over a hundred, can't even come close to saving it!

Oh, Boy, this really looks real, doesn't it???

Two things, I don't like creepy stupid looking dolls, and ponderous organ music is really starting to wear me down, even when it's Boris Karloff, and this movie has an abundance of both!!!

Here's the trick, in these two scenes, the actors weren't acting, but instead were reacting to Jack Hill's direction!!

Oh, that's right, now I remember, there were two good things about this film!

Other than that just burn the place, that's exactly what it deserves!!

It's no wonder they waited like 10 years before actually ever releasing it!!! This film might appeal to you if you're near comatose or on your deathbed, if not, then rent something a little more uplifting like one of the many Dr. Mabuse films!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

The ubiquitous Jack Hill directed this stinker -- I interviewed him about SPIDER BABY in an old issue of SCREEM ----

Cliff said...

Jack Hill only did the Karloff scenes - 3,000 Km away in LA. Spider Baby is pretty awesome though.

And thanks for the callout to Julissa - muy caliente, eso es seguro!

EEGAH!! said...

I love comments on posts eleven years old! Thanx Cliff! Muy Bueno!

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