Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NIGHTMARE - Don Banks - "Here's The Knife Dear: Now Use It!" (1964)

"Nightmare" is a very watchable "Hammer" Freddie Francis outing with a good Hitchcock "Psycho" feel! I didn't think I could get into it at first, but if you just hang in there as the story unfolds, it will take your mind through a maze of twisted thoughts!

It all starts with the recurring dream of the murdering mother!

Jennie Linden as Janet, is the girl with all the mental problems and the bad dreams! There's nothing like waking up screaming when you live in a dormitory with a bunch of other girls; Janet is obviously not making a lot of friends!

Lucky for us, and Janet, the only real thing she likes is her stupid doll and some swingin' music blowin' out of her transistor radio provided once again by Don Banks! Here she listens outside in the snow, in the bed, and on the stairs of the home of her benefactor Henry Baxter, who is supposed to be watching out for her!

Instead, what's really happening is that Henry and his mistress Grace played by Moira Redmond, are trying to drive Janet screamin' yellow bonkers, so that he can have total and complete control of all her inheritance!!

So, after they come and take Janet away to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time, strange things start happening. Grace is starting to go a little a little nutty herself, and now she's hearing Janet's music even though Janet is far away!!

She goes upstairs, and this is what she finds!!

Grace loses it, breaks the radio, and takes it out on the doll, smashing it's little face in and gouging it's eyes like she's Freddie Blassie!!

Then Grace decides that Henry, played by David Knight is behind the whole thing, so he gets quite the surprise when she whips out this very large knife!! Hey, that wasn't part of the deal!!

To get the whole picture and find out who really is behind what, you're going to have to rent your own copy!! Trust me, it'll be worth your effort!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

My fave Freddie Francis PSYCHO riff is THE PSYCHOPATH, again with those lousy dolls ......

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