Saturday, February 23, 2008

WOMANEATER - Edwin Astley "Theme and Bongos" (1958)

Spotlight on a different member of the family, presenting Tabonga's second cousin, "Womaneater!" Composer Edwin Astley had a lengthly career spanning three decades and besides this film, composed the soundtracks for many other films including "Devil Girl From Mars", "The Giant Behemoth", and the Herbert Lom version of "The Phantom Of The Opera."

Bongo Boy has to always set the scene with one of his bongo solos, kind of like saying grace before dinner! Here's a little sound collage that should make you want to go and get your own copy of this great film! As it is also known, Get ready for ...................."The Woman Eater"!!!

Now "Womaneater" isn't as mobile as Tabonga, so he can't chase the pretty girls down, they have to bring them to him, which always adds that extra fun element of going out to bars etc, to pick up chicks! Edwin came up with some great lounge music in the background In The Bar.

So what have we learned here? Even if your boyfriend's a scuzzball, it's still always better than accepting a drink and going home with some freak!!!!! Well, maybe she deserves it, really! You decide!

Dinner's served!!

Novel idea, using the monster as a cameraman!! Wonder if it got paid double?


tabonga!! said...

TABONGA AND CUZ KICK BUTT!!... We have lot of family pride!

rodan! said...

I vote George Coulouris the most loathsome of the 1950's monster movie bad guys, even beating out Michael Gough!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??