Friday, February 15, 2008

ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES - Alexander Laszlo - "Trilogy" (1959)

Unfortunately for all of us, at the end of last year we lost another one of the people that made the whole B-Movie scene as cool as it was. I'm referring to classic director Bernie Kowalski, who not only directed this great film "Attack Of The Giant Leeches", but also "Hot Car Girl" and "Night Of The Blood Beast" before doing a hoard of cowboy and cop TV shows until just a few years ago! Anyone who was ever lucky enough to meet Bernie, would tell you that he was always a class act, easy to talk to, and forever a gentleman! He'll be sorely missed, but at least the man left a legacy of film and video that will never be forgotten!!!
Okay, so here we have some of the exact same music from Alexander Laszlo in the theme that was used for the theme of "Beast In The Haunted Cave", but back in 1959, you didn't notice stuff like that!! Here's the opening theme music to "Attack Of The Giant Leeches".
The music on the jukebox is swinging as Lem the poacher, portrayed by George Cisar, is spinning his laughable tales of unknown critters.
Then Liz, portrayed by the ravishing Yvette Vickers enters the room!
There seems to be more to this story that what they're letting on. Now, why are Liz and Dave married? Was it arranged or deranged? She doesn't really seem to like him much!
Liz is disgusted by and despises her husband Dave, and yet she continues to tease him.
Then Dave's good buddy Cal gives him some advice, yeah, he'll be around all right!
Two seconds later, Cal's ready to jump in the sack with Liz!! What a pal!! "You want something Cal?"
Dave, played by the master Bruno Vesota, is not really as dumb as Cal and Liz might have thought!
Karma Time!!!
And this is all before the movie really gets going! I just read where someone just remade this movie, good luck it's pretty tough to remake perfection!!


tabonga!! said...

Whenever Tabonga hear this theme, he feel like it beating the crap out of him!

Greg Goodsell said...

Wow? Who can ever forget Yvette Vickers? She's still cute!

Liam Baldwin said...

Nice to see you captured the moment where the boom is reflected in the car's shiny roof.

Eegah!! & Tabonga! said...

Good eye Liam!!

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