Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BLOOD BATH (Track Of The Vampire) - Ron Stein - "Max" (1966)

"Track Of The Vampire" is actually a pretty good movie with some very jazzy music by Ron Stein and Mark Lowry, but the problem is, and I hate to say it, is this.......

These hipsters just aren't that hip..............

and Karl Schanzer as Max the artist, who was also in "Dementia 13" and "Spider Baby" is just not believable in this role as a whacked out artist type character.

"Quantum Painting?"

"Bucket Of Blood" or "Dementia" are much better choices for "Beat-Noir-Cool!"

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Anonymous said...

IN the genre of "Beatnik Noir,: you should check out "The Moving Finger," a fascinating time capsule about mid-Sixties Greenwich Village --

-- Greg Goodsell

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