Sunday, February 17, 2008

TERROR OF THE BLOODHUNTERS - Jerry Warren - "Bloodhunters Dance" (1962)

Well, this is post #301, so do some exploring while you're here, there's a lot of treasures to be found. Tonight we have another island adventure with a great title, "Terror Of The Bloodhunters", that's not too awful scary, but there was a shot of a shrunken head, and it is a Jerry Warren film, and if "She Gods Of Shark Reef" is a horror movie, then so is this! Another one of those fantastic deep philosophical films with Jerry footage combined with some old movie he got somewhere.

It really looked like he tried to blend them better on this one, but the foliage in Jerry's footage is like woods, not jungle, and his white girls native dancing is hilarious juxtaposed with the other footage he used. Oh, well, that's Jerry, you gotta love him, or it's unwatchable and we love him here, so on a one to ten scale, we give this film a thirteen!

Look at that native girl do the "Death Shimmy!"

From all we can find out, this is the only movie that Dorothy Haney was ever in. Here, as Marlene, she gives Whorf the look!! Oh, yeah, and what kind of name is Whorf?

Another classic 'cheapest police station in the world' by Jerry Warren, this time in South America. It looks like he spent about 87 cents more on this set than the one in "Teenage Zombies."

And what's with this shot where Robert Clarke as Steve is holding the branch in front of Marlene's eyes!

Once again, it's Jerry doing the music in the guise of Erich Blomberg. We sneaked in some outrageous narration from the trailer, and then you will hear the cool tribal rhythms from the opening credits of "Terror Of The Bloodhunters"!!!

Hey, I need to go wander around in the desert somewhere for a couple of days and clear out my head, and Tabonga took off chasing one of them Jerry Warren native girls. We should oughta find our way back in 2 or 3 days. Til then, Later...............Go rent a movie!!!

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Anonymous said...

My fave Jerry Warren has to be THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD, with its stock footage of a shark attacking an octopus set to the opening library music used in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!

-- Greg Goodsell

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