Wednesday, February 13, 2008

THE WILD WILD PLANET (Criminali Della Galassia) - Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - "Connie, You're Drunk" (1965)

"The Wild Wild Planet" is such a fascinating movie, and we covered the theme and most of the details a few months back, but there is still more outer space party music by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino to get down with! So here you go.... 
"I'm having dinner with the corporation, okay??" 
" I like to be treated as a lady, not a buddy!" She just twisted the hell out of Mike's arm, but now she insists she wants to be treated like a lady! Right, Connie!! 
 Eat fire, space scum!!! 
Back on terra firma, it's "I just hate the sight of you!", but she's still drinking so don't worry, because everything's gonna be all right Mike!


Greg Goodsell said...

I love this movie, and especially its use of the curse, "You helium head!"

Anonymous said...

Tabonga think the dude who came up with fire gun is big A-HOLE!!

Anonymous said...

Tabonga's favorite part is when dude gets rescued by flying saucer and he have to hold onto rope ladder while escaping! You need see it to believe.

Lacey said...

95% of any Italian sci-fi budget is spent on the clothes. THAT is what makes these fun to watch.

It is sort of "Sex in the City" on space.

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