Wednesday, February 6, 2008

THE LOST CONTINENT - Paul Dunlap - "Buddies" (1951)

I do believe this is only the second movie we've been able to dredge up from 1951, so even though it's a very small piece it's an interesting one. You got yer basic two buddies, just like Eegah! and Tabonga, thrown back together for another adventure scenario, this time with Cesar Romero and Chick Chandler as the pals. Paul Dunlap once again provides the swingin' sounds. 
There's one lttle scene where Cesar is trying to score with Hillary Brooke, and gets the call right after he puts on a record, but right before that he's getting just a little flustercated! 
Then we go straight to a scene where Chick is just getting ready to step out on the town for his first night on leave, when he gets a knock on his door too. 
The amazing number of Cesar and Chick's combined acting credits for TV and the movies is over 350 appearances. Two very active guys for 4 decades or so! "Lost Continent" Buddies


Greg Goodsell said...

Cesar Romero was great as the Joker on the Batman TV series. How he was able to bury histrademark mustache under all that makeup was amazine. "Batman -- DARLING!"

Cliff said...

20 minutes climbing up, 15 climbing around up on top, 5+ minutes climbing down = 1/3 of movie. MTS3K does a great job on this.

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