Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DUNGEON OF HARROW - Pat Boyette - "Lepers" (1962)

Well, here's yet another fascinating story! "Dungeon Of Harrow" was written and directed by Pat Boyette! Pat also wrote the music, and I'm sure this tune was helped along by musical supervisor Patrick Aron. It's really hard to know exactly what is going on with this music because of the tremendous amount of reverb they added to the whole thing to make it scarier, I guess!

Texas born Pat Boyette was a comic book artist of some repute, and had done some pencils for DC in the late 50's, then after trying his hand at movies in the 1960's, he returned to what he did best, and basically became the 'go to' guy at Charlton Comics for about 20 years. He developed the character "The Peacemaker" and wrote and drew hundreds of stories before Charlton's demise in the 1980's! He also did some work with Warren on some "Creepy" and "Eerie" issues. Unfortunately, Pat passed away in 2000, but he left us a legacy of work! Cheers to another great overachiever!!!

So, yeah, "Dungeon Of Harrow" really does have a timeless Charlton Comics feel to it, and even though it was made in Texas, it seems more like it was made in Europe!

Comic characters all the way! Dungeons are us!!

I'm sorry but, there's just something about lepers I don't like! Maybe it's prejudice, but I just don't like being around them!!

Again, in classic comics style, at the end, as a new group stumbles upon the island, we all find out, "They're Lepers!!!"


tabonga!! said...

Creepy foaming chick really turn Tabonga off... YETCH!!

Greg Goodsell said...

OOOOOOH! Oooooh! I knew it was only a matter of time before you guys unearthed this mini-masterpiece! Back in the Nineties I constructed a Web page to this monumental cinematic achievement! This film improves with untold riches with repeat viewings! How about the big guy who plays Mantis? “I live for you massuh, and now I die for you!” How about when the Count’s two yip-yip dogs run away and he squeals, “Come back! Come back!” And that dialogue! “I use to be a nurse, but now I’m not much of anything!” I have a certain amount of pride that Pat Boyette had actually enjoyed, and had nice things to say about my web page about HARROW just before he died --

Greg Goodsell said...

Check this out!


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??