Thursday, February 21, 2008

GAMERA TAI UCHU KAIJU BAIRASU (Destroy All Planets) - Kenjiro Hirose - "Gammera's Theme" (1968)

Sheesh!! Been doing this blog for 7 months almost nonstop, take a couple of days off to rest up, and come down with some kind of distant cousin to "Captain Trips" flu, so let's just get the ball rolling again, so I can go back to bed, with something quick and cool. From the 1968 film "Destroy All Planets" or as some people know it "Gamera Vs Viras", here's what I'm told is the real Gammera theme! As in all 1960's Young Guy A Go-Go movies, the music here is by Kenjiro Hirose!"The Real Gammera Theme"

And in the 'why not?' department, here's a funny little tune from the scene where the submarine is out of control, because the kids got in and messed it all up!

"The Wild Submarine Ride"


little billy sunshine said...

i love this blog. please don't stop!

tabonga!! said...

This Tabonga's favorite 'giant turtle with exhaust pipes for legs' flick he ever saw! But, Tabonga wonder how Gamera can spin around so fast? Make Tabonga dizzy to just watch. (Tabonga not like to spin around!)

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