Monday, December 20, 2021

WOODY WOODPECKER In "The Reckless Driver" - 1946

What we gots today is a classic Woody Woodpecker cartoon from back in the day. It's all about Woody who needs to renew his drivers license...

So, our little screw-loose pal is out for a drive in his jalopy when he notices a billboard with a cop on it asking him if he's renewed his drivers license yet.

Woody checks and sees he only has until noon to renew it!

So, he guns his rod and heads back to the city.

Woody gets to the license bureau with seconds to spare. Love that still.

He has to wake up Wally Walrus to let him know that he's there to renew his drivers license!

Wally has him start with reading the eye chart.

Woody fails the eye chart exam, so Wally opens a can of alphabet soup to see if he can read what the letters say.

The punch line is... Well, can you read it now?!

And during the reflex test, Woody keeps pecking Wally in the head!

During the fingerprinting, Woody causes more trouble than it's worth.

Woody shows Wally how to signal for a right turn!

Woody gets pushed into a corner where a fire extinguisher falls onto the driving simulator, giving our little maniac an idear!

He flies around in the speeding thing and buzzes Wally a few times.

Then, Woody rips the door off with Wally holding on for dear life.

Now outside in the air, Wally realizes he's in big trouble!

Of course Wally falls off and crashes back down onto the building.

Woody informs Wally that he no longer wants a drivers license, he wants a pilots license!! Interesting how life imitates cartoons nowadays...


KD said...

As a little kiddo, Woody was my first favorite cartoon character! Yay, Woody!

kd said...

Seeing Mr. W. Woodpecker again reminded me of the old Viewmaster 3D reel of the Woody diorama and figures that I had when I was very young, so I dug out my box of Viewmaster reels. Cool how they took so many 2D cartoon characters and created 3D dioramas instead and populated them with physical puppets!

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