Friday, December 31, 2021

BEANY AND CECIL / "Davey Cricket" - 1962

Well, here's our last post in the difficult year known as 2021. So, my plan is to go back to the happy past with a fun Beany & Cecil cartoon!

The gang's out exploring the old south in their converted Leakin' Lena wagon pulled by Cecil and his little pony pal...

Cap'n reads an article in the newspaper which says that $100,000 is being offered to anyone that brings Davey Cricket to Hollywood to star in a slapstick western!!

On a map, he then points to the place they're going to in Tennessee, Davey Cricket's Thicket.

And of course DJ reads the same article. He's a talent agent for his movie company, Citrus Pictures. You can read the rest of the joke there on his phone booth.

DJ speeds away to Tennessee in his company airplane, that's all the budget would allow for.

At Davey's place, the little cricket is beating the crap out of all the critters there that want to take him on. Davey wins every scuffle.

DJ jumps out of his plane and falls into Davey's fireplace, trying to get to the little guy ahead of any other agents that may pop in.

DJ wants Davey to sign his CONtract and tells him about all the things he can afford as a star in Hollywood.

Like owning lots of homes and land, cars and a butler to top it off.

But, Davey's not having any of it...

Davey has DJ act out a part with him, then he attacks!!

DJ tries to get away but Davey's hot on his trail, riding a bear skin.

Here's how it ends for DJ, stuck in a wooden wheel on his way to oblivion!

Then Beany and the gang show up and ask Davey to sigh their contract to star in a movie. Davey says no way to the boys...

But Cecil has a little surprise to show him!

It's Leading Lady! Davey can't resist and signs the contract, then they all head back to Hollywood for another adventure... So, like, let's all hold our breath and dive into 2022, Eegah!! will be here tomorrow with our first post of the new year!

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krd said...

I loved this as a kiddo, but the one thing I remember most clearly is Cecil saying "DeeJay, you dirty guy!"

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