Saturday, December 25, 2021


Tired of the same olde Christmas movies, but still feeling nostalgic for more innocent times? Well, here's a series of 13 Xmas shorts that are all under thirty minutes each for you to indulge in, or you can even share them with your kids, if you're feeling really sadistic, because it's time for the
 Saturday Night Christmas Special in The Dungeon!
Let's get this video party started with this Little Audrey cartoon titled 
 "Santa's Surprise" from 1947.

From the Fleischer Studios in 1948, here's an awesome copy of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer!"

Another incredibly exciting short from 1948 you don't want to miss, is
(Be forewarned, there is violence!)
In 1949, Vincent Price narrated the classic Charles Dickens' tale "The Christmas Carol," that also had Dungeon Hero Robert Clarke in it.
From 1951, you can catch this Sid Davis freakshow called
The 60's was a weird time to make Xmas movies, and if you watch "A Visit To Santa" from 1963, I'm sure you will be in complete agreement, but you have to live through it first!

From 1964 we have "Santa's Magic Kingdom" by K. Gordon Murray" cause everyone knows that nobody does Christmas like K. Gordon Murray.

And if you just can't get enough Xmas K.GM in your life, also from 1964 is "Santa's Enchanted Village," that brings us a look at what life was like in "Santa's Village."
If you're totally Xmas masochistic, and that still wasn't enough for you, there's always "Santa Claus And His Helpers" to turn to, another 1964 K. Gordon Murray classic.
Let's just skip the 70's and jump right to 1982 and finish this up with some cartoons like
In 1987, they came out with "A Garfield Christmas Special."
 There are also a couple of things from the 90's worth watching, like "What A Cartoon!"

......Last but not least, from 1994, nothing says Christmas like Ninja Turtles.
Merry Christmas Ya'll! 
Big Kudos and Thanx to The Internet Archive for hosting all these shows for us, drop by and throw a dollar in the box! It'll make you, and them, feel good for the holidays!


TABONGA! said...

Great Idea -

EEGAH!! said...


KD said...

I dropped a few, BUCKS at the Internet Archive a few days ago, too! Love that place!

EEGAH!! said...

Good job KD. They really deserve it!

KD said...

I do it at least once a year, likewise to Wikipedia and a few other sites.

PS: The "buicks" was really what I typed first but I decided to leave it. :D

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