Monday, December 6, 2021

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN / "No Holds Barred" - 1952

Here's a Superman episode going back to the wrasslin' scene in the early fifties. It has some great co-stars like Richard Reeves, Dick Elliott, Herb Vigran and Henry Kulky.

So, big brute wrassler Bad Luck Brannigan has hospitalized seven victims with some paralyzing moves, and...

Perry White is furious that Brannigan continues to use what should be considered illegal holds. He has hired a young wrassler, Wayne Winchester, to watch a match with the gang to see if they could find a clue to the mysterious moves. Bad Luck gets another win, sending the guy to the hospital, and they don't spot anything unusual.

Bad Luck has a secret weapon from India, Swami Ramm, who is being forced to show him and his crew of  brutes the dirty tricks to win with.

But Swami thinks his tricks are being used for the wrong reason, so the boss Mortimer Murray tells the boys to go lock him in his room.

Clark and Perry watch on TV as Wayne and Lois went to the match. Clark clearly sees the move Bad Luck is using, and after the guy falls down from the pinch, BL covers him for the win.

Wayne immediately goes into the ring and challenges Bad Luck to a match!

In the meantime, Superman pays Swami a visit to find out what the new move will be for the match with Wayne. Swami explains his situation with Murray and is cooperative.

Clark shows Wayne the move, and it smarts! So, Clark decides to help Wayne build up his neck muscles before the match

So, Swami shows the guys the move, it's gonna be sweet...

Murray and the gang are at ringside for the event, let the dirty tricks begin!

Bad Luck tries to put the pinch on Wayne but our hero just smiles at him. Then Wayne proceeds to kick BL's butt for the win!

Murray has the guys work Swami over to find out who he told about the move. But, guess who just happens to pop in?

Superman beats them all from pillar to post. But take a good look at our man of steel.... I don't think that's George Reeves.

Swami says he can cure the victims of their ailments and we gots a happy ending stocking stuffer for everyone!

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KD said...

Aww! Phyllis Coates, Lois Lane in the first season of Adventures of Superman! And Henry Kulky, who was the chief on board the Seaview during the first season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Two first-rate actors!

I knew there was a good reason to keep the DVDs of the first set of Superman, and the first set of Voyage! :)

Thanks for the reminder of two wonderful performers in two favorite old TV shows!

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