Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Whether you like it or not, young or old, we are all influenced by the people spending billions of dollars to get us to buy their products. The TV ads from the 1950's were more entertaining than today's, but boy were a lot of them diabolical. On the other hand, without these sponsors, we'd never have got a chance to see all those great shows, so this Weird Wednesday's offering is a salute to all those companies who, right or wrong, paid the bills.

When Aspirin or Bufferin didn't do the trick, you always had Anacin to turn to for those really big headaches brought on by the threat of nuclear war.

Camay Soap's main selling feature was that it was pink, but not just pink, "Loving Pink!"

"There's never been anything so lingeringly lovely in a beauty soap."

"Only Cheer has the blue magic whitener."

And it's a damn good thing, because look how much laundry she had to do!

"Chlorinol was a trade name for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that were once used as dielectric fluids and coolants in transformers and other electrical equipment."
 No wonder it worked so good! 
This is a prime example of why you need to stock the shelves in stores correctly, otherwise the packaging would look half ass.
"On top of Spaghetti, all covered with sauce."

I had no idea that Chef Boy-Ar-Dee was a real person! I just thought he was a picture on a label.

Now this is amazing!! You could save a whole twenty-eight cents!

For those of you are aren't good with math, here it is spelled out in black and white!

More soap because people were proud of their hygiene in the 50's.

So when all that cleaning got to you, and that fifteen cents a serving spaghetti has your stomach in a knot, and Anacin didn't do the trick, it was time to break out the Bromo Seltzer!
And then there were those nasty little things known as cigarettes!
How did we survive?
Salem cigarettes had special perforations in the paper that made them have "Just the right amount of fresh air that blends with each puff to give you a softer, fresher, more flavorable smoke than ever."

She's enjoying herself so much, it almost makes me want to start smoking again!

Too bad we have no "Aromarama" feature so I could show you how bad her ashtray breath stinks right now!

This guy needed a drag off his Winston cigarette so bad, he couldn't even wait to get out of the water!
Winston was never my favorite brand of cigarette, and just maybe it's because they were specially processed! That's all they had to tell you back then, no facts, no truth, just meaningless words, "Specially Processed!"

But then maybe it was because I didn't have a cool boat to cruise around and smoke them on! Too bad that back then, they didn't have to tell you all the side effects for 30 seconds like they do in all the absurd modern commercials for prescription medicines that some guy fifty years into the future will probably be writing about how equally bad they were!


KD said...

Author Charles Beaumont is believed to have deteriorated due to his heavy use of Bromo Seltzer. According to fellow writer William F. Nolan, "He was thin, and kept having headaches. He used Bromo-Seltzer like most people use water. He had a big Bromo bottle with him all the time. He could barely sell stories, much less write. He would go unshaven to meetings with producers, which would end in disaster. [A script writer has] got to be able to think on your feet, which Chuck couldn't do anymore; and so the producers would just go, 'We're sorry, Mr. Beaumont, but we don't like the script'." That's one theory, quoted on Beaumont's Wikipedia entry. In any case, sad if true.*

* A quick search for Bromo Seltzer on only turns up Alka-Seltzer, Brioschi, and various off-brand-name "effervescent" powders and antacids.


Realm Of Retro said...

I always thought Chef Boyardee was Sgt. Schultz in a chef's hat.

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