Monday, December 27, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "Hold That Lion" - 1947

Here's a good way to end this messed up year, with who else, Those Three Stooges! As an added feature, this one goes out to Mr. KD, of which I'm sure he'll elaborate on later in the comments section, betcha!

Boy oh boy, looks like the boys really know how to hook up with the best lawyers!

Emil Sitka is their attorney, he lets the Stooges know they need to serve subpoenas to another lawyer, a Mr. Icabod Slipp... 

Slipp has slipped into a closet when the boys come to his office. He hears them say that they don't know what the guy looks like, and so he pretends to be someone looking for Slipp, there to get their money back from that crook, and accuses them of being Slipp!

And there to rough him up! One by one he dismantles the Stooges and slips out the door after tearing up their subpoenas...

After the boys recover, they realize that Slipp was the guy that beat them up. 

They also find a note that shows he's leaving on a train, trying to escape with their inheritance! So...

The boys board the train, thinking Slipp may be wearing a disguise. Let's take a look!

Here's Jerry in a cameo as a sleeping Curly. Was this the only time the three brothers appeared together on the screen?

OOPS!.. Not Slipp!

The conductor is after the boys because they don't have tickets, so, they hide in box in the transport car. When will they ever learn to read?!

And of course, they let the lion out.

You can imagine how that goes over!

So, the boys find Slipp, who's ready to get off the train with all their money.

After giving the boys the slip yet again, he hides in the cargo room.

It looks like it's curtains for the Stooges, until...

Moe tosses away the hammer he's holding, and it knocks the Hell out of Slipp!

The boys recover their inheritance, oh boy!!

And they celebrate in a classic Stooge manner, breaking eggs on Shemp's noggin!


kd said...

It's Shemp Cocktail for a late night snack tonite! lol ;)

Realm Of Retro said...

"Honest Icabod" and
seeing that face on the poster is just so epic.

I think I'm gonna print that out
on photo paper & post it to my wall it will look so cool.

TABONGA! said...

ROR - I like your sense of humor!

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