Friday, December 24, 2021

ULTRAMAN / "The Underground Destruction Work" - 1966

This is episode 22 of the first season of Ultraman, and it's a doozie! But first, Merry Xmas Eve to all visiting The Dungeon over the holidays.

In this story, a French Science Patrol agent is in Japan to accompany Hayata back to France to use his expertise in some rocket installations there.

At the Science Patrol's headquarters, she has to prove her identity, she is.. Agent Anne Morhim.

After Hayata and her leave for France in a Science Patrol plane, strange destructive earthquakes hit the local areas.

Then, as they are driving to a destination, some Science Patrol guys see the French Agent walking down the street.. What the!

So, they follow her only to find a device she planted that's causing another earthquake.

Later they find her setting another earthquake device but she speeds away her little sports car before they can detain her.

Then the fraud reveals her true face.

Moments later, a giant underground monster crawls out from beneath the surface. This particular monster is named.. Telesdon!

Both Anne and Hayata were kidnapped by the underground civilization that are here to take over the world! And they plan on using Ultraman (they know Hayata is Ultraman! Huh) to help them in their effort to take over. Hayata's kept in a dream-like state.

They all reveal themselves to him, and command him to become Ultraman and start attacking the people on the surface.

Hayata becomes Ultraman.

But something goes wrong, Ultraman starts glowing like the sun and is too much for the intruders, and they all.. DIE! What they didn't know is that Ultraman cannot be corrupted by any outside force!!

Ultraman shoots up through a tunnel connected to the underground installation below.

He flies to battle Telesdon and they grapple like they're MMA fighters!

They even use some of the some of the same moves to punish their opponent.

Then, Ultraman lifts the monster over his head and tosses it into a hole. Believe it or don't, the monster tries to get up but falls back down, closes its eyes and... DIES!

Hayata and Anne finally go to France to work on the rocket development program there. Welp, Eegah!! is up tomorrow with your Xmas treat, sees you then!

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