Friday, December 3, 2021

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE / Monster Kid Home Movies - 2003

Blogger was totally screwy while trying to get these photos up, machen mir sehr BOZE!! Well anyway, here's a cute little Monster Kid Home Movie Xmas stuffer from the Tinnell family, who were doing these movies in the seventies. Looks like the Monster Kids have their own now.

So, this little vampire girl is out in the daylight looking for some tasty new victims, she's coming for your blood to be sure!!

And it just so happens that two girls in their house notice the vampire standing outside.

The smallest girl calls to her mom in the other room... Mom, there's a vampire outside!

And of course mom yells back... There's no such thing as vampires!

So, what are the two girls s'pos ta do, anyway? They go outside and big sis yells to the vampire... Hey, we're tired of you vampires coming around here, so, go away!

But the vampire girl just chuckles to herself, until...

The girl pulls out a trusty old cross to save the day, and send her away!

Ugh, that smarts!!

And she diskappears unto the void...

The girls run back into the house, ready to keep the vampires out of their neighborhood, since the stupid grownups don't believe in Monsters!!

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Monster Music
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