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BIRDS IN A SUITCASE - "Part 03" (1968)

Tonight's Wild Wednesday is the finale of Birds In A Suitcase, and the ladies of the final ten episodes of "Man In A Suitcase." Episode twenty-one was titled "No Friend of Mine" and featured Phillipa Gail as the wife of a wealthy saboteur in Africa.

In 1971 Phillipa was in a film called "She'll Follow You Anywhere," or as it was released in the U.S., "Passion Potion." Phillipa passed away in 1999, a victim of cancer, at the age of 56.
Episode number twenty-two titled "Jigsaw Man" had more than it's share of female characters in it that included Nike Arrighi, who was also in episode seventeen in a larger role.

Shivaun (The Prisoner) O'Casey as Francine just turned 82 yesterday!
Bridget (Horse In The House) Armstrong is Louise. Bridget is now 84 years old.

Last but not least is Brenda Lawrence as Marcia. Brenda also had a very small role in Episode three.

Episode twenty-three titled "Web With Four Spiders" starred Jacqueline (Gutter Girls) Ellis as the wife of a lawyer in big trouble.

Episode 24 was called "Which Way Did He Go, McGill?" and featured Rachelle (Son Of Dracula) in one of her only two credits.

The main actress is this episode was Jennifer Jayne as Joy Howells. Jennifer will always be remembered for her parts in "The Crawling Eye," and especially....
 .......... "They Came From Beyond Space." Jennifer passed away in 2006 at the age of 74.
 A few of these episodes were directed by Dungeon Hero Freddie Francis, who also directed "They Came From Beyond Space."
Episode twenty-five titled "Property Of A Gentleman" has Justine Lord in it as Jane Farson, the daughter of a very wealthy man!

Justine was in the screen classics "Maniac," and "Deadlier Than The Male." Born in 1937, Justine is now 84 years young!
Episode number twenty-six titled "The Revolutionaries," has Sonia (Never Take Candy From A Stranger) Fox as Chantal Maza, the daughter of an exiled Swedish Doctor.

Marga Roche as Toni Olsson has only one other credit to her name, the classic "Some Girls Do."

Episode 27 was "Who's Mad Now," and had Austrailian born Audine (Alien Visitor) Leith as an ex old girlfriend of McGill's who is in trouble.

Luanshya Greer has the role of the mad Diana. Luanshya was also in the very last episode of "Man In A Suitcase." Besides that, she was also in "They Came From Beyond Space," and two episodes of "Dr. Who" as Lizan. Very versatile, Luanshya also has seventeen credits as a writer.

Episode twenty-eight named "Three Blinks Of The Eyes" features Faith (The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb) Brook as Eleanor Duzac, an older woman with an unfaithful younger husband. Faith died in 2012 at the age of 90.

The girlfriend of Eleanor's aforementioned unfaithful husband is Bulgarian born Dora (The Dirty Dozen) Reisser, as Janine Dufont. A well known British fashion designer, Dora is now 79 years of age.

Episode twenty-nine was called "Castle In The Clouds," and has Gay Hamilton as Magda, the mistress of a British big shot. In episode five, Gay had a smaller part as a Brunette.
Gay was the star of the show, but there was also a short scene that had Jan Williams in it as a cleaning lady. James Bond fans will remember Jan as Red Grant's masseuse in "From Russia With Love."

The last episode of "Man In A Suitcase" is called "Night Flight To Andorra" and has Luanshya Greer, who we just saw in episode twenty-seven, as a tourist in the wrong place at the completely wrong time!

I'll round this out with the provacative Nita (The Crimson Cult, The Love Factor) Lorraine, and a toast to the the rest of the lovely birds who graced this show. Nita is now 79. 
That's it for the birds, and now it's time for the bats, and the "Countdown To Halloween 2021."

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