Wednesday, September 15, 2021

THE MAGIC FLUKE - "The Universe Is Laughing Behind Your Back!" (1949)

This week's Weird Wednesday featurette is a1949 Fox and Crow cartoon! I love how they made this look like it was done by a five year old with crayons.

It's called "Magic Fluke," and that's actually a title that makes sense for this cartoon!

As a kid's cartoon, I'm not quite sure this imagery would be acceptable by today's standards, in fact, I know it wouldn't, but in 1949, it was just fine!

The dictionary defines fluke as 'an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck,' but that's kind of a double entendre in this situation!
The Fox and The Crow are a classic combination of societal mores. The Crow does all the work............

...................And The Fox gets all the credit!

The Fox gets his big break!

And he's willing to leave his long time friend in the dust! After all, he is a sly fox!

While The Fox is drinking champagne, poor Crow doesn't have a gig anymore, and is totally down on his luck!

The Crow just happens to stumble on the place where The Fox is now conducting as Foxini.

The Fox's baton cannot be found, and he is unable to go on as planned.

The Crow sees what's going on, and goes out and snags a baton from a magician performing nearby.

This is where The Crow is seated. Talk about nosebleed seats! He can barely even hear the music from this distance!

Since it's actually a magician's magic wand instead of a conductor's baton, coupled with the fact that this is a cartoon, all kinds of bizarre things start happening during the performance!

A few balloons always add depth to any show!

The more The Fox waves the magic wand around, the krazier things get! 

The rabbits are more than just out of the hat!

They've taken up half of the orchestra!

The show must go on, but The Fox loses the battle to keep his sanity.

Lucky for The Fox, his buddy The Crow is able to save him!

When things get tough, just remember, You are a "Fluke of the Universe!"

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