Friday, September 17, 2021

FELIX THE CAT / Going Fishing with Vavoom - 1961

Here's an adventure where Felix takes his little pal Vavoom on a fishing trip to show him how to fish but things quickly go south ...

Felix and Vavoom are on their way through the woods to a small lake at a dam near a small town.

They come to a stream and there's no way to cross, so, Vavoom with his special talent, yells 'VAVOOM!!' and solves the problem.

His yell knocks over a big old tree and they drive through to the other side of the stream.

They drive down the mountain on a narrow winding road to the little lake near the Old Rock Dam, with the town to the right. Wow, the dam looks in bad shape.

Felix and Vavoom start their fishing, when, the dam springs a leak!

Felix tells Vavoom to run to the town and go get some help, NOW!

Vavoom can only say one thing.. Vavoom. He runs to a policeman who asks him what the problem was, we'll, you can see there in the pic what happens.

So, Vavoom darts into the restaurant and sounds the alarm.

The people in the town start chasing the little loud mouth, but...

He blows away the mob!

They eventually corner the little guy. They tie him up and take him to the jail and lock him in a cell thinking that's the end of the ordeal.

But Vavoom's on a mission and there's just no stopping him!

The mob is chasing him again, so Vavoom plows his way through the mountain using the magic word... VAVOOM!!

But he's trapped after he gets through and gets his mouth roped shut,! Huh?

By now the crack is getting bigger, Felix grabs a rock and jams it into hole, then runs to Vavoom's aid. Then the dam bursts wide open.

Vavoom unleashes his yells which bring down tons of broken rocks that roll into place and... Viola, a new dam!!.. Daaaamn!

Of course Vavoom is the hero, but this was one of the weirdest Felix cartoons in the series. Hope you have a good day...

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