Friday, September 3, 2021


You probably didn't know that we have an annual Dungeon Fight Club Throw Down where we invite people that like to dress up as either good guys, or, bad guys, and fight each other. The event was held yesterday and we just got the photos back from K-Mart, so, let's take a look at some of the action!

Gary pulls up in his 'monstermobile' and shows us another one of his lame WTF costumes. This time he came as a bad guy called, Thing In Your Closet!

Joe and Allen are out in a field showing off for the girls, Joe's riding his steed in his wild costume (that his wife and kid made for him) and Allen shoots off on his bike that runs on jet fuel!

One of the spectators got drunk on his ass and has to be carried off the hill.

Tom and Andy are GOOD bad guys, makes perfect sense if you know them.

Whitey blows his horn signifying the beginning of the event. TA DA!! Let the battling begin!

Snarky Bug Head taunts some of the good guys standing around.

Rodney wanted to participate in the fun but only had time to put this super basic costume together for the event.

Greg and Mark fight it out in the storage yard, with that cool ride what goes to the winner of the battle. I have my money on Greg!

Jeanne pops in and gives us a bunch of love from the bottom of her... Heart! She wishes for the best men to be the victors!

Erik is here in his futuristic Viking costume. He swings that big ball around to keep in shape!

But, things finally went too far when Darrell (in a kitsch sink faucet getup) gets punched by an overzealous good guy (Mel) who uses illegal explosive brass knuckles.

So then, Mel's camp is retaliated against by the bad guys!

And Joey's gang is the next to be attacked, one more good guy camp for good measure!

To break up the action, The Fiddler (Roberto) plays a waltz tune on his violin to change the mood of the downwards turn the fight festival just took.

These two gals came to the event all the way from Japan, their names are there at the bottom.

Allen is still showing off for the girls. This time he's riding his bike backwards with his eyes closed when he goes right into a ravine! It's okay, he's fine.

Since things have calmed down, good guys and bad guys go over their strategies for the next round of planned clashes..

Brian finally shows up in his shaving cream can outfit and wants to know if he's too late to participate in the festivities...

He gets his answer with a direct hit!

The thing devolves again, but you have to admit, it was a Hell of a time!!

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