Saturday, September 25, 2021

BIRDS IN A SUITCASE Part 02 (1967-1968)

   This week's Saturday Night Special is Part 02 of "Birds In A Suitcase," a tribute to all the talented and beautiful women who were in "Man In A Suitcase." 

Episode eleven was titled "Dead Man's Shoes," and featured Jayne (Tales From The Crypt) Sofiano as Juliette Crowther, the close friend of a man in deep trouble.
Jayne was born in Israel, but she did most of her acting in England, where I assume she still lives today.
Episode twelve was titled "Find The Lady," and had two international beauties in it. Norma (A Study In Terror) Foster as Angela was born in South Africa. It's really amazing how most of these gals are well into their seventies, and still alive. Norma is one of them.
The gal who got the most onscreen time though was Jeanne Roland as the double dealing Francesca. Jeanne was born in Burma, and was in "Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb," and was James Bond's masseuse in "You Only Live Twice," and yes, she's still around too.

Episode thirteen was simply titled "The Bridge," and had Jane Merrow as Annabelle Fenchurch.
Jane Merrow's career goes all the way back to the Herbert Lom version of "Phantom Of The Opera," where she played a showgirl, and besides a host of other things, was in the remake of "The Horror At 37,000 Feet" with William Shatner. Jane was still working as of last year, and hopefully will continue long into the future.

Episode fourteen was titled "The Man Who Stood Still," and highlighted the talents of Jeanna L'Esty as the lovely Leocadia Iglesias.
If you appear on one show fifty times, it only counts as one credit, so despite the fact that Jeanna has only five credits to her name, she was on "Man In A Suitcase" twice. Those cool spit curl sideburns make Jeanna look like she is from some exotic place, but she was born in Middlesex, England. She is also alive and kicking today at the age of 74.

Episode 15 was titled "Burden Of Proof," and co-stars Nicola Pagett as the wife of a diplomat in some deep, deep trouble!

Nicola was born in Cairo, Egypt, and is very elegant looking, so it's no wonder she was chosen for the starring role in a 1977 TV mini series called "Anna Karenina." Sadly, I have to tell you that Nicola passed away just six months ago at the age of 75.

Explosive episode sixteen was called "The Whisper" and had Sheila (The Curse Of The Werewolf) Brennan in it as the wife of an African plantation owner with some personality problems.

Sheila is of Irish descent, and should be about 90 years old these days.
Episode seventeen was titled "Why They Killed Nolan," and features Nike Arrighi as Angela Cunliffe, the young girlfriend of a married man.
Nike was born in France, and was in  some cool flicks like "The Devil Rides Out," "Day For Night," "Countess Dracula," and "The Perfume Of The Lady In Black." She just turned 74 a couple of months ago.

Episode eighteen titled "The Boston Square" is almost entirely devoid of female characters, although at the beginning there is a brief appearance by Alexandra (Prehistoric Women) Stevenson, as a secretary. An internet search for Alexandra comes up with zero biographical information unless you think she was a former professional tennis player born in 1980, or twelve years after this show was made.

Later on there is an even briefer appearance by Jeanna L'Esty as a stewardess. As you'll recall, Jeanna also appeared in episode number fourteen, but in a much larger role.
 Episode nineteen brings back a couple of  actresses who were in other episodes. Jacqueline Pearce who had a very small part in episode seven is back in a major role as a spy and ex-girlfriend of McGill's.

Wendy Hall who had a fairly big role in episode eight is back in a minuscule role as a hotel receptionist.

Episode twenty titled "Blind Spot" had Felicity Kendal in it as a blind woman.

Felicity Kendal has had a fabulous career, and has had many continuing roles in TV shows like "The Good Life," and "Rosemary And Thyme." She'll be 75 years young today, and I can't think of a better place to end this Part 02 than that! 
Happy Birthday Felicity!

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