Wednesday, September 8, 2021

DEMIR PENÇE - "Iron Claw The Pirate" (1969)

It's time for yet another Weirdass Wednesday in The Dungeon and another classic 60's Turkish turkey!
This film is titled "Demir Pençe," "Korsan Adam," and/or "Iron Claw The Pirate," whichever way you want to go!

The music is not by Iron Butterfly...............

...........But is very cool, just the same!

This dancer is from the opening sequences of the movie.

Although there are many scantily clad women throughout this film, including this exotic dancer, there is no real sex or actual nudity in the movie. This is about as racy as it gets.

The life of a hero can often be quite lonely!

Cool location for a fight scene.

60's Turkish filmmakers were shameless, and borrow whatever they want to use however they feel, so you end up with notorious French villain Fantomas as the the bad guy known as Fantom'un Adami.
The hero, a sort of Batman character has a female caped sidekick to assist him, and they ride around on motorcycles.

This is one of the oddest looking sets I've ever seen.

Fantom'un Adami's henchmen are a bunch of F'ers, which makes for a continuous sight gag, intended or not.

This movie is not in English, and the copy I was able to round up doesn't have any sub-titles, so I really didn't know what the Hell was happening most of the time, like it really matters.
Fantastic imagery like this is plentiful!

It's very commonplace for them to tie up women in these vintage Turkish films.

Fantom'un Adami's right hand man Iron Claw is there on on the left.

Just to be fair, they like to tie up guys too!

There's even a little time for a romantic moment like this!

Here's a nice closeup of our hero as played by Demir Karahan. With 67 credits to his name, Demir was still acting up to last year.

We've been through this before.

A couple of  F'ers guard this bridge to the other side.

One of our hero's super powers is he knows how to shoot a gun!

This is actually a shot from earlier in the movie, but seemed like as good of a place as any to end.
Well, now that I'm done, I did a search and found a copy of this film with sub-titles, so now I can go back and watch it again myself. It might even possibly make sense the second time, but maybe not!
As a public service, here's a location where you can watch or download it yourself.

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