Friday, September 24, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "The Three Troubledoers" - 1946

Here's a wild little short with our best pals, The Stooges! Christine McIntyre and Dick Curtis are also there to make the thing even funnier. When you see Dick, he hovers way above the guys, because, he was 6' 3" and played mainly bad guys in westerns, he had 241 acting credits.

The boys, who look like they've been mining, come to the town of Dead Man's Gulch, looks like the population just went down three souls, the Sheriff and his two deputies, all shot by the notorious Badlands Blackie.

The boys go to the blacksmith shop and find Nell there, crying as she works on a horse shoe. She tells them that Blackie has kidnapped her father and is going to kill him unless she accepts Blackie's hand in marriage!

The big guy shows up and starts pushing the boys around because they're not being respectful to him. He grabs Curly's gun belt and tosses it aside, right into the furnace!

The bullets start going off like a firecracker, Blackie gets so confused by the action that he backs out of the shop and falls into a water trough, and runs away.

Curly's holding a smoking pistol when the actual Sheriff shows up and make the knucklehead the acting Sheriff because he's so brave, and Moe and Larry get Deputy badges.

Now that's he's getting $100 a month as Sheriff, Curly asks Nell to marry him, and, she says she will if he can rescue her father!

So, it's time for Curly to bone up on his shooting skills... 'Nuf said?

And, Moe makes a life-sized dummy of Blackie so that Curly can test out his fighting skills. At one point, the dummy stabs Curly in the head with a knife, so he shoots it.

Curly's doing something, and when he turns around, the big dummy is standing there!

Moe and Larry have been in the back room making a bazooka to even the score but it fails, so, Larry decides to hit Blackie in the head before he pulls the trigger. Of course it's a two for one sale today.

Blackie wins this round and Nell wants to get ready for the big day and will come to Blackie's place in Skull Bone Pass before sunset. Before the boys can leave though they have to get that horse collar off of Curly's neck!

The boys ride their 3-seat tandem bike to Blackie's place, a saloon.

Blackie takes Nell to the justice of the peace but the Stooges grab the preacher and takes his clothes and wig, which Curly adorns... To no avail. Curly gets away just before he's shot.

The wedding must go on and one of Blackie's lackeys will perform the ceremony. Blackie needs a ring so he takes it off the finger of one of the dancers. 

The boys get their TNT shooting bazooka ready but it fails again!

Blackie and his pals run outside to find the disrupters, Moe tosses the bazooka down because it still won't work, and it goes off!! The bad guys run into the explosives storage room with a bundle of boom following them!!

The place blows sky high! Then Nell's dad digs himself out of the wreckage (that's where they were hiding him) and she tells him that she's going to marry Curly for saving the day. The blacksmith gets a look at Curly and picks up a stick of dynamite, lights it and says that he'd rather be dead than have her marry that guy! Nell get the stick away from him and tosses it aside, right at the boys, who all run away. Here's something cool, Nell's dad is played by Elmo Lincoln, the very first TARZAN! Funny!

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